Retail planning solutions

RELEX’s comprehensive offering of retail planning solutions ranges from accurate forecasting and replenishment to revolutionary assortment, space and workforce optimization. Our solutions bring data science to the art of retailing through our industry expertise, leading-edge AI, in-memory data processing, and computational power.

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RELEX software takes full advantage of all your data to give you the most accurate forecasts.

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Automatic Replenishment

Replenish all product categories automatically with great consistency and accuracy.

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Perform complex calculations instantly to make more accurate purchase orders with far less work.

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Promotions & Markdowns

Effectively plan, forecast and execute promotions that meet your business targets without excess stock.

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Allocation &
In-Season Management

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of initial allocations, in-season replenishment, and final allocations.

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Retail &
Supply Chain Analytics

Improve the performance of your retail operations through data-driven insights and predictive analytics.

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Macro Space Planning & Optimization

Allocate the right amount of space to each department, zone, isle and category.

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Micro Space Planning & Planogram Optimization

Planogram any fixture and automatically create store-optimized planograms.

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Behavioral Clustering & Assortment Planning

Tailor your assortments by cluster and by store to give shoppers the choices they want.

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Workforce Optimization & Management

Optimize staffing based on accurate forecasts of customer volumes and incoming deliveries.

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