Take your core retail processes to the next level. Optimize your supply chain, forecasting, promotions, space, and workforce planning in one unified, cloud-native Living Retail Platform.


Demand forecasting

RELEX’s pragmatic AI and computational power automate demand forecasting with unmatched speed and accuracy. Empower your demand planners to innovate and tackle your biggest challenges head-on.


Automatic replenishment & allocation

Slash your inventory, out-of-stocks, fresh spoilage, and the amount of time you spend placing manual orders with RELEX’s automatic replenishment and allocation solutions.


Promotion & markdown optimization

Reduce markdowns, maximize promotion success, and ensure customers find the right products, at the right time, and at the right price with RELEX’s promotion and markdown optimization software.


Inventory planning

Take control of your inventory with RELEX’s inventory planning software. Our solutions cut the time you spend on order placements, reduces inventory levels, and maintains 99+% availability.


Space & planogram optimization

When you have the right products in the right amount in the right place, you improve sales, stock levels, and your replenishment efficiency. Automate and optimize your space planning to maximize ROI.


Workforce optimization & management

Schedule the right amount of staff to handle your projected workload. With optimized staffing, you can increase efficiency by up to 10% as workforce costs go down and sales go up.