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Optimize your merchandising
for every future

Reinvent merchandising. RELEX’s AI-powered, data-driven merchandise planning maximizes sales and margins while minimizing costs for your business. Combine the art of merchandising with the accuracy of science for timely, impactful business decisions in your space, promotions, markdown, and assortment planning.

Promotion planning

Successfully execute your promotions with high availability and no excess stock by improving your planning, forecasting, and fulfillment with our promotion planning software.

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Markdown pricing and clearance optimization

Make markdowns easy by targeting the right products at the right time and right price, maximizing the success of discounts, and improving margins while cutting costs.

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Planogram and floor planning

Maximize the return on investment for your store space, increase sales, and drive operational efficiency with our planogram optimization and retail floor planning software.

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Assortment planning

Increase profitability through accurate assortment analysis that identifies the right product mix to drive sales, margin, and efficiency.

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