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Optimize your supply chain
for every future

Transform your supply chain. RELEX’s AI-powered digital supply chain planning maximizes stock availability while minimizing costs across your end-to-end supply chain. Combine autonomous optimization with complete control and adaptability to ensure your supply chain keeps up with ever-changing demand and market conditions.

Illustration with a robot thinking of a supply chain

Automatic replenishment and allocation

Slash your inventory, out-of-stocks, food waste, and the amount of time you spend placing manual orders with RELEX’s automatic replenishment system.

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End-to-end inventory planning

Take control of your supply chain by automating, streamlining, and simplifying complex inventory optimization processes to drive 99+% availability with less stock.

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Omnichannel supply chain

Improve availability and reduce fulfillment costs with our AI-driven omnichannel supply chain and inventory optimization software.

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Fresh inventory

Improve the sustainability of your fresh retail supply chain by cutting food waste while reaping the benefits of maximized freshness, higher sales, and minimized markdowns for your perishable items.

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Supply chain collaboration

Improve visibility and alignment across your entire supply network with information sharing and collaborative planning.

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