Supply Chain Analytics

Our real-time analytics are the backbone of all our solutions. The RELEX reporting engine lets you analyze any part of your supply chain in detail and make changes on-the-fly.

Supply Chain Analytics

The power of in-memory analysis

Our in-memory analysis processes massive amounts of data extremely fast. The numbers sent by your ERP/EPOS are immediately available for reporting or forecasting, allowing you to make better decisions faster.

The benefits of real-time analytics

Supply chains are complex beasts – any change you make might have ripple effects in areas you couldn’t predict. Our real-time supply chain analytics software can help you increase transparency and understand your supply chain better. Issues can be identified as they arise and dealt with before they escalate. You can also see the impact of your decisions beforehand with the help of our what-if scenarios.

RELEX enables you to:

  • Calculate faster – just ask and the system answers
  • Test the impact of your decisions with our what-if scenarios
  • Easily add new metrics to our substantial library of pre-defined metrics quickly
  • Group and aggregate data by any parameter or dimension
  • Give more meaning to data by using our visualization tools
  • Create automated e-mail alerts for exceptions easily

Case Stockmann

Finland’s leading chain of department stores, Stockmann, wanted to build further on its established reputation for customer service and improve the availability of items at the grocery stores. The aim was to increase automation in the ordering process, improve the reliability of supply, guarantee the freshness of items offered to customers, and reduce stock levels.

Stores: in 16 countries
Employees: 15,000
Revenue: € 2,005 M



loss reduced in waste on average; even more for some fresh items


availability maintained at the same time

80 %-90%

automation level of purchase orders

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Some of the companies utilizing RELEX supply chain analytics software

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