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Case Galexis

Galexis, a Swiss pharmaceutical wholesale dealer, implemented RELEX to increase automation, maintain availability at close to 100% and, at the same time, lower inventory. These are vital competitive factors in the pharmaceutical industry.

Case Europris

Norway’s largest discount variety retailer Europris decided to transform its supply chain operations in order to gain better visibility, free-up working capital and improve customer service.

Case Zenith

Fast-growing Zenith Hygiene Group needed a future-proof solution to manage its stock better and handle its rapid expansion while providing a solid platform that delivers greater efficiency, visibility and control and which can support its business development.

Case Lumene

RELEX has helped Lumene to upgrade their sales forecasting and to improve the efficiency of the Sales and Operations planning process. Our partnership has brought them remarkable improvements in number of areas.

Case Atria

With RELEX’s help for forecasting and demand planning, Atria, a Finnish supplier of meat products, has managed to increase its sales forecast accuracy by six percentage points. Its volume-weighted forecast accuracy on a weekly level is over 90%.

Case JJ Food Service

JJ Food Service Ltd. is an omni-channel bulk food retailer based in Enfield on the North Eastern outskirts of London. The company saw a 25% reduction in order processing time during a 3 month initial project period.

Case Transmeri

Transmeri, an importer and producer of popular consumer and cosmetics goods in Finland and the Baltic countries, introduced RELEX’s forecasting system in June 2012. Already after the first months the benefits became evident.

Case Stockmann

Finland’s leading chain of department stores, Stockmann, consists of seven major stores, all of which include a grocery department and carry the branding Stockmann Herkku.

Case Vianor

Vianor is a global tire and car service chain with 800 outlets in 20 countries and almost 4,500 staff in directly-owned and partner-run operations. It’s the largest chain of tire depots in the Nordic region.

Case Suomalainen Kirjakauppa

Finland’s leading bookstore chain, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, wanted to improve its customer service. Achieving that goal meant that store employees needed to spend more time helping customers.

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