Retail engineers: Perfecting retail, and then improving it

A business built on science

It all started with our founders, Mikko Kärkkäinen, Johanna Småros, and Michael Falck, pioneering the science on retail supply chains. As researchers, they realized that retail operations could be made more accurate and efficient through better use of data. They also concluded that writing papers was a pretty slow way to change the world, so they set out to build that change themselves.

Today, the company they built provides cutting-edge retail optimization software to the world’s leading retailers — helping them stay relevant in the age of Living Retail, where change is the only constant. Our mission is to help retailers adapt to every future, faster.

Technology with a purpose

Early on, we saw that incremental improvements to legacy technology would not suffice. The speed, adaptability and accuracy that our founders envisioned required something new. That’s how we ended up among the first in the world to apply in-memory computing to operational software.

Today, our cloud-native platform delivers pragmatic AI across all retail functions at retail-scale, removing siloes, rigidities, and inefficiencies along the way.

Pushing the boundaries of retail optimization

Our technology provides a fast lane to value that builds from a foundation of radically improved demand forecasting and supply chain optimization. Our customers further leverage this enhanced supply chain visibility into exponential benefits — optimizing their space, allocation, workforce, pricing, and promotion strategies, all within our unified platform.

RELEX’s computational power and unified retail planning approach allow our customers to develop retail processes that are both autonomous and adaptive:

  1. Autonomous decision-making that’s faster, more accurate, and more efficient than anything else on the market
  2. Unprecedented adaptability that lets retailers innovate and implement fast enough to stay resilient in a dynamic business landscape

Customer success is our success

We built our success on three pillars: an obsession with customer success, a dedication to technological innovation, and a culture that values retail science and engineering. Our customer-first mindset hinges on a commitment to measurable results, risk-free investments, and quick time-to-money.

Today, we’re a hyper-growth company with 250+ customers who love us. You can ask any of them for a frank and independent assessment of our team and solutions — because our customers are 100% referenceable. RELEX is trusted by leading brands including AutoZone, Auchan, Morrisons, PetSmart and Rossmann.

RELEX at a glance:

Offices: United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Hong Kong

Acquisitions: Galleria RTS in 2016, Forecast Solutions in 2018, Zenopt in 2019

Employees: over 700

Founded: in 2005

A business built on science

Our team has an extensive academic background in retail and supply chain planning. Since the founding of RELEX a decade ago, those insights have been put into practice by using innovative technology and working with leading companies across dozens of countries.

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