RELEX implementation minimizes risk and delivers rapid value

We want to minimize the risk involved in choosing a supply chain planning solution. As our incentives are aligned with your continued success, we’ll deliver full ROI in months.

No upfront investment required

We share and minimize your risks. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) business model eliminates the need to invest upfront in hardware or license fees. Instead, we offer success-dependent agreements with predictable costs. You’ll pay only for what you use and are free to cancel at any time.

Full ROI in months

We are highly cost-effective – our clients achieve a full return on investment in months rather than years. Clients who handle short shelf life items often see a full ROI in three months or less, and many of our clients see measurable financial benefits even before the implementation is complete.

We were impressed at how quickly we started seeing results from RELEX, from reduced time spent on ordering, to exception management of our stock-outs.

And the RELEX team were a pleasure to work with. They were adaptable to the unique challenges of e-commerce and supported us by building a solution that could handle both our extensive product range and high rate of growth.

Didi Francis

Head of Retail,

“We were impressed at how quickly we started seeing results from RELEX.”

– Didi Francis, Head of Retail,

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Risk-sharing, success-dependent agreements

We’ve built our business model so that we don’t have any incentive to proceed unless we know we can deliver measurable value for a customer. We look for partnerships where both parties win.

Cornerstones of a RELEX contract:

  • Simple and transparent
  • No hidden fees
  • Clear indication of costs from the beginning
  • Choose the payment model you prefer: SaaS or License

Get a preview of the benefits

We often start our projects by taking our customers’ historic data and running it through our systems. This provides an indication of likely results and areas that require special attention. Seeing a clear picture of how RELEX impacts your business makes it far easier to proceed with confidence.

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We’d be delighted to discuss your needs and goals, and determine how our solutions could add value to your business.

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