Johanna Småros


Johanna Småros, PhD is RELEX’s Chief Marketing Officer and, along with Mikko and Michael, one of its three co-founders. She also serves on the company’s board.

As a researcher, Johanna conducted ground-breaking work in collaborative planning and forecasting between retailers and suppliers, sharing and utilization of point of sale (POS) data in supply chains and automatic store ordering. Her work has driven RELEX’s development since the beginning, and in fact, she coded the first seed of the simulation that evolved into the forecasting and replenishment software herself. An advocate for technology innovation that pragmatically solves retail challenges, Johanna remains actively involved in RELEX’s research and development.

Her first focus within RELEX was in sales at the Helsinki headquarters. She later spearheaded the company’s international expansion and, under her leadership, RELEX saw rapid expansion into the Scandinavian market. She established the Swedish office in 2011, followed soon by the Norwegian and Danish offices. Johanna now serves as CMO out of the Helsinki headquarters, overseeing the company’s strategic positioning and central pre-sales team. She was awarded the Young Scientist Entrepreneur Award in 2014 and the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award in 2017.

Outside of work, Johanna leads an active lifestyle. In a past life, she taught kickboxing and even fought to competition standards. She’s a fan of contemporary dance and of Swedish and Finnish hip-hop.

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The RELEX team has an extensive academic background in retail planning. Since the founding of RELEX over a decade ago, those insights have been put into practice by working with leading companies across dozens of countries.

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