Macro Space Planning and Optimization Solution

RELEX’s macro space planning software makes sure you get the best return on your investment in store space by allocating the right amount of space to each department, zone, aisle and category. Whether it’s a store opening or refit, a seasonal space change, a new department or simply refreshing your aisles, our solution helps you create floor plans that give the best results.

Customer-centric macro space planning

No store is average. To get the best return on investment in store space, you need to tailor each store’s space allocation to the shopping patterns of its clientele. Having the right space allocation in each store lets you increase sales, make merchandising more effective, minimize waste, inventory and shelf stacking work, and free up space for profitable business initiatives, such as a café or an order pick-up area.

Case study

Operating over 700 stores across England and Wales, One Stop improved merchandising efficiency and freed up 10% of store space.

Ensure the best return on investment for changes in store space allocation

Store refits and space changes are always amongst the most costly and time-consuming activities for a retailer. Therefore, it’s vital to focus on the strategic changes that generate the greatest benefits relative to the cost of execution. RELEX’s macro space planning solution helps you create, analyze and test the impact of space changes, run what-if scenarios and forecast changes in performance.

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Optimized stores

Our solution employs predictive, KPI-driven optimization to determine the optimal allocation of space to departments, zones, aisles and categories in each store.

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Ease of use

Our intuitive visual user interface and simple drag & drop functionality allows for the quick and efficient creation, editing and management of store-specific floor plans.

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In-house analytics

The macro space solution allows planners to generate reports on individual stores, store groups or the whole chain and dissect the data to focus on sales-floor and category performance.

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Predictive analytics

Our solution offers clear forecasts of the financial impact of each change, enabling data-driven business decisions.

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Business goals

Our space optimization is based on business goals and allows you to do sensitivity analyses by adjusting the relative importance of KPIs, such as sales or margin.

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Quick wins

Our solution can highlight quick wins, such as adjacent categories in a store that can benefit from a better allocation of their joint space.

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Heat maps

Create heat maps to highlight areas of the store that over- or under-perform versus the company average and/or comparable categories in similar stores.

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Floor to planogram

Fully integrated with micro space planning allows planning and store teams to collaborate on projects in real time, and drilling down from floor plan to individual planograms.

Highlighted features of RELEX’s macro space planning software

Strengthened collaboration

The macro space solution enables seamless collaboration between head office planners and retail store staff. Changes made, either at head office or in stores, are automatically updated and visible for each user viewing the floor plans.

The floor plan holds most of the useful, location-specific information. It allows retail planning teams to model the layout of their stores that includes the shelving and display fittings used, the categories/planograms associated with that shelving, and the overall use of the sales floor space.

The solution is designed to also be used on tablets, making it especially easy to use in-store.

In-house analytics support continuous improvement

Our macro space planning software makes analysis of store space allocation quick and easy. Its visual user interface and simple drag & drop functionality allow normal business users to make the most of its advanced statistical analytics in macro space planning. This means that you can carry out the analyses in-house, rather than outsourcing the work to external consultants. This systemized approach makes the space review process much quicker, which in turn means it can be used constantly to identify potential improvements, such as the reallocation of space between adjacent categories in a store, rather than waiting for a major store refit.

Identify quick wins in space allocation

Given the expense of store refits, the faster, most cost-effective way to increase ROI is to identify those stores, departments and aisles with the greatest potential for improving sales for the smallest investment. As our solution knows each store’s layout, it can identify quick wins, such as a reallocation of space between adjacent categories.

Our solution translates changes to space distribution into financial projections and provides a comprehensive overview with clear reporting across all stores. With RELEX’s technology you’ll know which stores need the most help and which stores and categories can produce the biggest improvement with the smallest changes in space allocation.

“We were able to review more than 500 stores in two days. Without RELEX, it would have taken us months. The time savings are substantial.”

– Mervin Nugent, Senior Range Planner, One Stop

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