Michael Falck

President, U.S.

Michael Falck co-founded RELEX with Mikko and Johanna in Helsinki, but today he leads the company’s aggressive growth in the North American market.

A respected authority on retail supply chain planning, Michael began his career in research. His work advanced best practices in retail logistics and store replenishment and pioneered the development of models for forecasting promotional demand in grocery retail. His expertise has contributed to major developmental advances in RELEX technology.

After establishing the company’s headquarters in Helsinki, Michael was instrumental in the company’s expansion into the Swedish and Norwegian markets. In 2014, he established the RELEX office in Oslo before crossing the Atlantic in 2015 to open the first North American office in Atlanta, GA. There, he heads the sales team that’s making RELEX a big player on a big stage.

Michael speaks Finnish, Swedish and English, and when he’s not working all hours in the office, he enjoys downhill skiing and relaxing over a good meal with a nice bottle of wine.

A business built on science

The RELEX team has an extensive academic background in retail planning. Since the founding of RELEX over a decade ago, those insights have been put into practice by working with leading companies across dozens of countries.

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