Michael Falck

President, U.S.

Michael Falck co-founded RELEX with Mikko and Johanna and is now spearheading our entry to the US Market. Growing up in Turku he took a Masters in Technology from Helsinki University of Technology with his major in industrial engineering and management. He graduated ‘with distinction’.

Michael then joined the university’s BIT Research Centre, where he specialized in retail logistics and store replenishment, before going to the Netherlands for a spell with the Technische Universiteit in Eindhoven. There his research was focused on developing different models for forecasting promotional demand in grocery retail. Michael’s development work with RELEX has led to major steps forward in demand forecasting and planning systems and prior to moving to the US, Michael was also heading RELEX’s rapidly growing operations in Norway.

He speaks Finnish, Swedish and English and when he’s not working all hours in the office Michael enjoys downhill skiing and relaxing over good food and a nice bottle of wine.

Leaders in academic research and industry best practices

The RELEX team has an extensive academic background in Supply Chain Planning. After founding RELEX a decade ago, those insights have been put into practice by working with leading companies across dozens of countries.

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