Mikko Kärkkäinen

Group CEO

RELEX Group CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen was the driving force behind the company’s inception in 2005. He met his co-founders Johanna and Michael at Helsinki University of Technology, where he earned a Masters, then a PhD in supply chain management.

His early research was on warehouse processes and logistics for e-commerce, but later work focused on the application of technology to supply chain improvement. Today, Mikko continues to make valuable contributions to the supply chain conversation from the private sector, having authored over thirty papers and presentations on logistics and supply chain issues.

As Group CEO, Mikko is now responsible for overseeing the company’s day-to day operations. He takes an active role in client relationships as well, and has led more than 30 projects to help RELEX customers drive significant improvements in their forecasting and replenishment processes.

Mikko is fluent in English and Swedish, in addition to Finnish. He relaxes by playing sports, and is especially keen on cycling and running. His most time-consuming “hobby” is spending time with his family.

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Phone+358 50 596 2322

A business built on science

The RELEX team has an extensive academic background in retail planning. Since the founding of RELEX over a decade ago, those insights have been put into practice by working with leading companies across dozens of countries.

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