Sephora Implements AI-Based Solution from RELEX to Improve Availability Across Distribution Network

Global beauty retail group Sephora partners with RELEX to improve their demand forecasting and automated replenishment.

Booths Extends RELEX Partnership to include Markdown Pricing and Optimisation Solution

Booths, a leading regional supermarket chain in the UK, have chosen RELEX's AI-driven markdown solution to manage seasonal, promotional, and end-of-lifecycle products.

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Select RELEX for Integrated Forecasting and Replenishment

Leading American discount retailer Dollar Tree, Inc. partners with RELEX to improve demand forecasting and replenishment processes across their Dollar Tree and Family Dollar banners.

Broman Group Expands RELEX Partnership to Promotion Forecasting and Markdown Optimization

RELEX will service Broman Group’s 40 stores and two distribution centers, ensuring inventory is cleared at an optimal price by the end of a promotion, maximizing the success of discounts, and improving margins.

RELEX Enters Argentina by Expanding Its Partnership With DIA Group to Transform Its Supply Chain

After a successful project with DIA Group, RELEX expands the partnership to Argentina to improve DIA Argetina's on-shelf availability and efficiency across their 900 stores.

porta selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Automated and Integrated Supply Chain Management

porta group, one of the largest omnichannel furniture retailers in Germany, partners with RELEX to automate and integrate their supply chain planning.

KICKS Expands Successful Partnership with RELEX Solutions to Include Space Planning & Automation

KICKS, the Nordic region’s leading cosmetics and beauty product retailer, has chosen to expand their partnership with RELEX to include space planning and automation as well as mobile access to the RELEX system.

Müller Systematically Drives Digitalization – and Expands RELEX Partnership

German drugstore chain Müller expands their partnership with RELEX to include replenishment of Müller’s four distribution centers in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, and Spain.

Bunzl UK & Ireland Selects RELEX to Optimize Inventory with Forecasting and Replenishment Solution

Bunzl UK & Ireland, an international distribution group providing customized solutions to B2B customers, have selected RELEX to optimize inventory through their forecasting and replenishment solutions.

Tamro Baltics Selects RELEX Solutions to Integrate Their Supply Chain

Tamro Baltics, a pharmaceutical wholesale and retail company operating in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, has chosen to partner with RELEX to integrate and optimize their supply chain.

Family Farm & Home Expands Partnership with RELEX Solutions to Unify Space and Supply Chain Management

Family Farm & Home, a Michigan-based retailer specializing in farm and rural lifestyle products, is expanding its partnership with RELEX to add macrospace and microspace management.

Henderson Group Extends RELEX Partnership to Provide Forecasting & Replenishment to its Owned and Independent Stores

Henderson Group has extended its partnership with RELEX to introduce supply chain capabilities to its owned and independent stores.

Hööks Hästsport Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Integrated Forecasting, Replenishment, and Allocations

Hööks Hästsport, Scandinavia’s leader in equestrian sports retail, partners with RELEX to implement integrated forecasting, replenishment, and allocations in their 58 stores, distribution center, and online channel.

Coop Danmark Extends Successful Relationship with RELEX to Strengthen Retail Planning Processes

Coop Danmark, one of Denmark’s leading consumer goods retailers, will continue using RELEX across its business functions to strengthen retail planning processes for all its stores and DCs.

HalpaHalli Selects RELEX Solutions to Modernize its Supply Chain Management

HalpaHalli, a Finnish family-owned retailer known for its affordable prices, will partner with RELEX Solutions to optimize their demand forecasting and automatic replenishment.

Majid Al Futtaim Partners with RELEX to Tailor On-Shelf Inventory Across Carrefour Stores

Majid Al Futtaim, the franchisee that operates Carrefour stores across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, has partnered with RELEX Solutions to optimize on-shelf inventory for individual stores via automated store-specific planogramming.

RELEX Solutions to Optimize Qatar Duty Free’s Microspace Planning

Qatar Duty Free (QDF), a subsidiary of the Qatar Airways Group, has chosen RELEX Solutions to optimize its microspace planning and increase sales availability.

Delivery Hero Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide AI-Driven Forecasting and Replenishment Platform

Delivery Hero, the leading local delivery platform, partners with RELEX Solutions to optimize their supply chain planning across all product categories, including fresh and ultra-fresh.

Felleskjøpet Agri Achieves Inventory Reduction and Increased On-Shelf Availability with RELEX Demand Forecasting and Automatic Replenishment

Felleskjøpet Agri, a Norwegian retailer of agricultural products and gardening equipment, has reduced inventory levels and increased availability through their partnership with RELEX Solutions.

DIA Portugal Selects RELEX Solutions to Improve its Stores Forecasting & Replenishment

DIA Portugal, part of a Spanish supermarket chain Grupo DIA, will partner with RELEX Solutions to automate and optimize forecasting and replenishment. The RELEX solution will service DIA Portugal’s 550 stores.

Italian Cooperative Realco to Optimize DC Replenishment with RELEX

The Italian cooperative company Realco partners with RELEX Solutions for demand forecasting and DC replenishment. Realco operates three distribution centers in Northern and Central Italy, serving approximately 180 independent points of sale.

Granngården Benefits from More Balanced Short-term Deliveries with RELEX Delivery Flow Smoothing

Granngården, one of Sweden’s largest retailers of pet and gardening products, has driven significant improvements to their goods flow and overall capacity management processes through their partnership with RELEX Solutions.

Atria Denmark Selects RELEX Solutions to Improve Channel-Specific Demand Forecasting

Atria Denmark, one of Denmark’s largest suppliers of meat products, will partner with RELEX Solutions to improve demand forecasting and planning for all sales channels.

Komplett Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Optimized Forecasting and Replenishment

Komplett, the largest e-commerce retailer in the Nordic region, will partner with RELEX Solutions to optimize their forecasting and replenishment. RELEX will service Komplett’s distribution center and seven online channels.