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The RELEX platform

Imagine what you could accomplish with a single source of data powering all your teams. The RELEX unified supply chain and retail planning platform, backed by AI and machine learning technology, supports wholesalers, consumer packaged goods companies, and retailers with a customizable and user-centric solution without complex coding or costly updates.

Transform your business with the RELEX platform 

The RELEX unified platform leverages the power of digital twin modeling for all supply chain planning and business functions. Our comprehensive network of solutions seamlessly connects to a single, centralized demand forecasting and data engine, establishing a framework for gradual expansion and subsequent incremental investments — delivering a collaborative solution that optimizes your end-to-end value chain. 

Why choose a unified supply chain and retail planning platform?

Multiple data streams, disconnected systems, and a lack of end-to-end visibility across your supply chain can lead to siloed planning, poorly managed inventory, and spoilage.

Lack of cross-functional collaboration

Disconnected systems for different functions make end-to-end optimization impossible and impact decisions.

Strained resources

Stakeholder expectations to achieve more with less resources slows company growth and puts stress on smaller planning teams.

End-to-end visibility

A lack of visibility across the supply chain can result in poor forecasts, resulting in poorly managed inventory, spoilage, and lost sales.


Businesses need to keep up with rapidly changing technology while avoiding investments in products that will quickly become outdated.

Connected ecosystem 

RELEX is a unified supply chain and retail planning platform that provides easy integration through configuration, not coding. Offering multiple solutions driven by a single data set, the platform allows you to scale and grow while driving quick time to value.

Modern technology 

With powerful state-of-the-art algorithms, the AI-powered platform automates and optimizes recurring planning tasks across the value chain. Speed, scalability, and data security – trust RELEX to grow with you. 

Powerful experience 

The scalable architecture allows additional solutions to be easily added. With low-impact release upgrades and an accessible, approachable user interface, the RELEX platform quickly turns data into actionable decisions. 

Why the RELEX platform?


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customer referenceability


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kg of food waste prevented

The technology powering our platform

Demand planning

Capturing the impact of hundreds of demand drivers, RELEX delivers AI-powered demand forecasting through machine learning to provide visibility into future demand for every product, every channel, and every store. The same demand forecast is shared with all other functions.


The RELEX platform uses a single source of data for integrated planning of space, promotions, markdown, and assortments together with supply chain and operations. RELEX drives value by helping maximize sales and margins and minimize costs.

Supply Chain

Take control of the entire multi-tiered supply chain using the RELEX AI-powered platform. Automate, streamline, and simplify complex inventory and replenishment processes. Leverage accurate demand forecasts to optimize inventory, reduce spoilage and maximize availability while accounting for available capacity in supply chain as well as in operations and merchandizing.


Using AI-powered analytics and digital twin modeling, the RELEX platform ensures that store execution, workforce optimization and management, and S&OE and S&OP work in sync with supply chain to maximize operational efficiency, profitability, and support workers.

How Selco Builders Warehouse improved on-shelf availability and reduced working capital

Executives from Selco Builders Warehouse, a builder’s merchant, share how they have seen significant enhancements in the efficiency of their branches and customer service with RELEX. Their strategic changes enable them to work more collaboratively with their upstream supply chain.

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