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The RELEX platform

Imagine what you could accomplish with a single source of data powering all your teams. The RELEX unified supply chain and retail planning platform, backed by AI and machine learning technology, supports wholesalers, consumer packaged goods companies, and retailers with a customizable and user-centric solution without complex coding or costly updates.

Transform your business with the RELEX platform 

The RELEX unified platform leverages the power of digital twin modeling for all supply chain planning and business functions. Our comprehensive network of solutions seamlessly connects to a single, centralized demand forecasting and data engine, establishing a framework for gradual expansion and subsequent incremental investments — delivering a collaborative solution that optimizes your end-to-end value chain. 

Why choose a unified supply chain and retail planning platform?

Multiple data streams, disconnected systems, and a lack of end-to-end visibility across your supply chain can lead to siloed planning, poorly managed inventory, and spoilage.

Lack of cross-functional collaboration

Disconnected systems for different functions make end-to-end optimization impossible and impact decisions.

Strained resources

Stakeholder expectations to achieve more with less resources slows company growth and puts stress on smaller planning teams.

End-to-end visibility

A lack of visibility across the supply chain can result in poor forecasts, resulting in poorly managed inventory, spoilage, and lost sales.


Businesses need to keep up with rapidly changing technology while avoiding investments in products that will quickly become outdated.

Connected ecosystem 

RELEX is a unified supply chain and retail planning platform that provides easy integration through configuration, not coding. Offering multiple solutions driven by a single data set, the platform allows you to scale and grow while driving quick time to value.

Modern technology 

With powerful state-of-the-art algorithms, the AI-powered platform automates and optimizes recurring planning tasks across the value chain. Speed, scalability, and data security – trust RELEX to grow with you. 

Powerful experience 

The scalable architecture allows additional solutions to be easily added. With low-impact release upgrades and an accessible, approachable user interface, the RELEX platform quickly turns data into actionable decisions. 

Why the RELEX platform?


customer NPS


customer referenceability


net carbon impact (tons)


kg of food waste prevented

The technology powering our platform

How Selco Builders Warehouse improved on-shelf availability and reduced working capital

Executives from Selco Builders Warehouse, a builder’s merchant, share how they have seen significant enhancements in the efficiency of their branches and customer service with RELEX. Their strategic changes enable them to work more collaboratively with their upstream supply chain.

Our customers  

“Our selection of RELEX was driven by their proven expertise in the home improvement retail sector. We were particularly impressed by their advanced, AI-driven approach and the flexibility of their inventory management systems. RELEX is well-known for their automation capabilities and exceptional dashboard. Working with both RELEX and Accenture aligns with our ongoing commitment to leveraging innovative solutions to enhance our business processes.”

Camille Fratanduono
Senior Vice President of Inventory, Replenishment and Planning at Lowe’s

“As we expand, it’s crucial to have a robust and scalable supply chain platform that aligns with our growth strategy. The RELEX machine-learning forecasting solution stands out for its ease of use, configurability, and transparent output. It’s precisely what we need to support our strategic objectives.”

Chris DeMeester
CIO of BFG Supply

“RELEX has deep understanding of the pharmaceutical sector, becoming the clear choice for Deshengtang. With its AI-driven solution and global use cases, we look forward to RELEX bringing the best practices of the global pharmaceutical industry to Deshengtang and the Chinese market. This marks a new beginning in our journey toward supply chain digitization, paving the way for comprehensive supply chain optimization at Deshengtang.”

Mr Long Yan
President at Deshentang

“The greatest advantage the RELEX platform brings us is that we can easily adapt it for our needs. It doesn’t force us to adapt our processes to the software like other systems do. Instead, we’re adapting the system to our processes.”

Jürgen Mattulke
Director of Supply Chain at Rossmann

“One of the best aspects of working with RELEX has been their willingness to think creatively, take the time to understand what we’re trying to do, and work as a team, utilizing experience from across their organization to figure out solutions.”

Johan Hoover
VP of Allocation & Replenishment at Big Lots 

“RELEX machine learning-based forecasting is critical to our ability to accurately forecast our most challenging categories, whether short-shelf life items or those with weather-driven demand. It’s also the bedrock of our plans to drive sustained growth and improve our resiliency in the face of rapidly evolving market conditions.”

Richard Turton
Head of Supply Chain at One Stop

“When we choose a supplier and a system, one of the important things is what we call the “cultural fit”. It’s a little bit of a soft metric, but for us, very important that we have a partner that we like, and they like us. And the people here at ICA and the people of RELEX, we found each other on all the levels and also in the management levels.”

Richard Belec
Business and IT Development Manager, ICA Sweden

“The reason we chose RELEX was it gave the analysts a lot of insight into their business in one place. It was easy to navigate, easy to train. I think they were all very excited when we started rolling out some of the categories. Word started spreading around the floor about how easy it was to use and how much everybody enjoyed it.”

Kim Ramsey
VP of Inventory Management for Family Dollar 

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