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Unified planning
for electronics retailers

With unified planning, RELEX helps electronics retailers optimize inventory across the entire supply chain, improve omnichannel availability, promotion and markdown planning, and exceed customers’ expectations.

Improved outcomes achieved by RELEX customers

supply chain visibility
product margins

Address your biggest

electronics forecasting challenges

RELEX helps electronics retailers focus on complex challenges like new product introductions, seasonality, slow movers, price changes, promotions, supplier restrictions, and strict delivery schedules.


Optimize omnichannel availability

Ensure omnichannel availability by proactively reserving centrally held inventory for online demand, known as virtual ringfencing. Improve the management of ramp-ups and ramp-downs across channels during challenging periods including promotions, seasons, and assortment reviews.


Identify and apply timely markdowns

Proactively identify products for markdown and set timely, optimized discounts to maximize margins and reduce the risk of excess stock, whether managing promotions, seasons or product lifecycles.


Optimize large and complex assortments

Electronics retailers need to carry a broad assortment of goods cost-efficiently, ensuring that the right products are available at the right locations at the right time to avoid losing sales to competitors.

Manage long lead times and delivery uncertainty

Electronics products sourced internationally have long lead times and delivery date uncertainty, making it difficult to ensure availability, particularly during seasonal peaks or in times of supplier shortfalls.

Impressive results

From electronic retailers just like you

Drive accuracy

with unified planning and execution

Illustration of a supply chain from a factory or a warehouse to a store
Increase visibility into your supply chain

Enable end-to-end visibility into your supply chain with digital twin modeling to proactively anticipate capacity bottlenecks.

Illustration of a supply chain from a factory or a warehouse to a store
Manage capacity proactively

Automate and optimize replenishment to proactively plan for inventory, reduce holding costs, and ensure capacity needs are met.

Improve omnichannel availability

Balance and reserve stock at a granular level to ensure availability for both offline and online channels.

Identify the right products for clearance

Protect margins and increase sales of excess stock by identifying seasonal or end-of-life products for clearance campaigns and setting optimal pricing.

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