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  • Customer video: Selco Builders Warehouse

    David Rose, Head of Supply Chain, Tony Davis, Head of Space, and Chris Barber, Store Manager, took some time out from their day in Milton Keynes to share how they have seen significant enhancements in the efficiency of their branches and customer service following their deployment with RELEX Solutions.

  • The State of Supply Chain 2024

    Download this report to read the full results of our 2024 study and to learn more about the challenges, strategic investment areas, and opportunities for retailers and CPGs over the next 3 to 5 years.

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    Case study: Specialty Bolt & Screw

    Specialty Bolt & Screw (SBS) faced challenges with excessive inventory and low forecast accuracy. The company’s leadership team recognized the need for an advanced supply chain planning solution that could streamline operations and enhance efficiency. After a thorough evaluation process, SBS selected RELEX in April 2022 to enhance their forecasting, distribution, production, and purchase planning systems.

    How to manage product assortment ripple effects with planning software

    A digital transformation is occurring within the tried-and-true assortment planning framework of yesteryear — a sea change driven by the increased adoption of advanced tools and artificial intelligence. Retailers need these capabilities packaged within a robust planning platform like RELEX to manage the far-flung effects of product assortment decisions and optimize the entire retail value chain.

    Unlock retail success with strategic macro space planning

    Macro space planning involves strategically allocating space within a retail store to various departments, categories, and products. This approach emphasizes the store’s broader layout, aiming to create an optimal shopping environment that encourages customer flow and maximizes sales.

    Case study: Flink

    Founded in late 2020, Flink, a Berlin-based quick commerce startup, is shaking-up grocery delivery through their Flink app, offering rapid e-bike courier services.

    Customer video: Bartels-Langness

    Christian Hirdes, Bela’s SCM Project Manager, took time to share how they are using RELEX to improve supply chain transparency and remove planning silos across their retail and wholesale businesses.