At RELEX, we’ve accumulated a great deal of retail expertise from among the ranks of our more than 800 retail planning specialists. Pick our brains by diving into the resources our experts have authored — from blogs and whitepapers to guides, reports, and videos.

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Webinar Recap – Managing the Shift to Ecommerce

In our June webinar, our retail advisors discussed what retailers can do now to manage the growing ecommerce side of their business and how to prepare for the future.

Managing the Shift to Ecommerce

Our retail planning experts share insights and best practices on how to successfully manage the accelerated growth of online sales and set up adaptive ecommerce planning processes.

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Webinar Recap – The Retail Impact: Lessons Learned from the Global Health Crisis

The dramatic change in customer behavior was driven not by government restrictions but by media reports and the public’s overall perception of the pandemic.

The Retail Impact: Lessons Learned from the Global Health Crisis

In this Industry Talk Webinar, our CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen shares market learnings on what we’ve observed and strategies on how to use that insight to better prepare for the future.

Are You Ready for a Return to In-Store Shopping?

While retailers may have temporarily shifted to focus on managing online sales, it’s time to get ready for the fresh opportunities that returning foot traffic will bring.

The Forrester Wave™: Retail Planning, Q1 2020

In Forrester's 20-criteria evaluation of retail planning providers, they identified the 12 most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them - among these RELEX Solutions.

The New Normal in Ecommerce after COVID-19

Long-term implications of COVID-19 in ecommerce: Increased online sales, new partnerships and improved online fulfilment capabilities.

Study Highlights Four Grocery Businesses Improving Retail Sustainability

Fresh items attract customers, yet grocers lose over 1,5 percent of revenue to food waste. Waste reduction is not just about sustainability, but it also contributes to a healthier balance sheet.

Make a Difference: Cutting Food Waste and Carbon Footprint through Optimized Forecasting and Replenishment

This study outlines how our four customers have led the charge toward environmentally responsible business practices while significantly improving both operations and cost-effectiveness.

RELEX’s Retail Trend Predictions for 2020

We predicted what could be the retail trends for 2020: increased focus on sustainability, AI growing ubiquitous, turbulence in the retail landscape, and more.

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2019: RELEX’s Year in Review

Our Michael reminisces the year 2019 with its unprecedented achievements, fun moments and new additions to our global RELEX family.

Study of American Grocers Uncovers Opportunity in Competitive Market

RELEX and EnsembleIQ surveyed leading North American grocers to understand how they view today’s competitive grocery market.

Grocery Retail Report 2020

Grocery Retail Report 2020

RELEX and EnsembleIQ surveyed leading North American grocers to understand how they view today’s grocery market and what key initiatives they are planning to improve their retail and supply chain planning operations.

AI Needs to Be More than Just a Bright, Shiny Object

Rather than shifting tasks to customers, AI is put to best use by automating repetitive tasks to free up retail personnel for higher-value and customer-centric work.

The Impact of Urbanization in the Age of Living Retail

Retail is about people: what we need, what we want, and where and how we live. That’s why significant innovations always have and always will mirror demographic trends, such as rapid urbanization.

Change Agents in the Age of Living Retail: The Power Shift

In the second part of this blog series, we discuss how retailers can effectively address one of the major change agents in the age of Living Retail: a power shift toward the consumer.

The Age of Living Retail: Staying Ahead when Change is the Only Constant

Living Retail is a state of constant flux, and retailers must plan for every possible future they might encounter — not just the static vision of the future they’re predicting today.

Recapture Sales from Digital Players by Improving Out-of-Stocks

Traditional retailers can recapture sales from digital players who have significantly lower service levels by ensuring great availability in stores.

CIOs’ Learnings from Implementing Retail Planning Software

We sat down with three CIOs and asked them about their RELEX implementation projects. What advice would they give to companies starting a similar project?

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MIT Research: The Effects of Dynamic Safety Stocks on Inventory and Service Levels

RELEX was used to simulate the dynamic safety stock levels and their effects on inventory and service levels in MIT research.

Future-Proof Your Technology Strategy

Retailers are no longer interested in major system replacements. Instead, there's a trend toward implementing in parts rather than as a whole.

Grocery Retail Trends 2019

In grocery retail, the reality is that the change and the challenges aren’t going to stop anytime soon. If anything, the competition will just get tougher.

Technology Innovation the Central Topic at NRF’s Retail’s Big Show 2019

The NRF Retail’s Big Show in New York is among the most important retail industry events of the year. Among the trendier topics this year was the rise of AI.

Webinar: Growing and Sustaining Competitive Advantage in Grocery Retail

Listen to industry experts discussing recent survey results and sharing thoughts on what grocers can do to thrive in today’s dynamic market.