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Increasing Online Profitability Through Strategic Fulfillment  – Incisiv 2023 Report

Incisiv conducted research to understand how U.S. grocers view the current opportunity and challenges in managing their digital fulfillment.

RELEX recognized in the Forrester Retail Planning Platforms Landscape, Q3 2023

RELEX Solutions is one of 28 vendors recognized in the Forrester report, The Retail Planning Platforms Landscape, Q3 2023. Forrester recognizes RELEX Solutions among notable vendors in the report.

Supply Chain Collaboration Report 2023

Read the 2023 Supply Chain Collaboration Report to discover insights into how suppliers view the state of collaboration with retail and wholesale partners.

Five challenges in pet supply retail and how to tame them

Discover the five critical challenges facing pet retailers today and our recommendations for how to tame them, from managing complex assortments to navigating the omnichannel landscape.

Operational efficiency is the key to success in 2023

In this blog, the author delves into the key considerations for retailers and consumer goods companies to overcome the inflation crisis by optimizing their supply chain operations.

NRF 2023 Big Ideas Session: ADUSA

In this video, a panel of guests from ADUSA explores how the grocery retail group is leveraging people and technology to deploy agility, flexibility, and precision in its end-to-end supply chain.

4 Key Trends and Technology Impacting Grocery Retail

RELEX CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen recently spoke with Total Retail about what he sees as the top four trends impacting grocery retail this year.

2022 Year in Review

This blog provides a look back on the events of 2022 with perspective on what is to come in 2023 and how RELEX is well-positioned to meet the needs of retailers and CPG companies.

3 major causes of waste in the food supply chain

This blog discusses the top causes of waste across the food supply chain and how technology can help grocery stores meet customer needs while reducing food waste and ultimately cutting their footprint.

Drug Inventory Management (Part 2): Handling Substitutions and Generic Medications

To ensure they can meet ongoing demand without pause and offer exceptional customer service, pharmacies need a system that can automatically adjust replenishment orders to account for substitutions.

Retailers and suppliers need to prioritize collaboration now

When suppliers and retailers prioritize collaboration, they can improve their critical relationships at the ground level, support better planning across the supply chain, and prevent disruption.

RELEX Sustainability Report 2022

Our first annual Sustainability Report covers a wide array of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) topics and what we’re doing to make a difference.

Cracking the Bullwhip: Taming Supply Chain Disruptions

In this webinar, RELEX CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen addresses the current state of global supply chain dysfunction and shares best practices for tackling supply chain issues in 2022.

2021 in Review: A Year of Growth and Customer Success Despite Uncertain Times

As 2021 is coming to an end, our CEO Mikko looks at this year's highlights, from customer success stories to expanding into new markets.

Sustainability Today: Taking Measurable Action to Reduce Food Waste

In this webinar, our expert Katie Malakhov is joined by Maen Mahfoud, CEO of food rescue organization Replate. They discuss how data-driven supply chain forecasting and food donation logistics can support measurable sustainability efforts.

The Rise of Food Waste Legislation: Enforcing Waste Reduction and California’s SB 1383

Effective fresh management and data-driven food donation programs can help retailers prepare for new regulations and reduce food waste.

Retailers must centralize their data to thrive

It is more important than ever that retailers collect data from all channels and use it to manage the flow of goods through the supply chain to the point of customer interaction.

Chain Drug Retailers Can Overcome Silos with ‘One Truth’

Multinational businesses must figure out a way to break down silos and give specialized teams the ability to make fast decisions that can benefit everyone.

How to Disrupt the Disrupter: Finding the Chink in Amazon’s Armor

Many companies have tried to compete with Amazon, but only one company has successfully challenged Amazon at its own game. Meet Shopify.

How Quick Commerce Retailers Can Establish Market Dominance

Smart investments today will set quick commerce retailers up to weather the storm of competition and ensure they come out on top well into the future.

RELEX’s Focus on Sustainability: Cutting Food Waste and Carbon Footprints

At RELEX, we are committed to reducing our own carbon footprint while supporting our customers with their sustainability efforts.

Living RELEX Values: The Customer Is a Friend

At RELEX, we strive to establish strong and personal relationships with each of our customers as we help them achieve success into the future.

Managing Through Disruptive Times With Data Driven Speed And Adaptability

In this 2021 report, RSR shares how “retail winners”, who performed best in the last year, have addressed critical supply chain management challenges.

Unified Retail Planning – Breaking Out of Retail’s Functional Silos

The biggest opportunity for increased operational efficiency in retail lies in building a unified planning process spanning retail’s core functions.