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Promotional Pain Points: Improving Campaigns and Reducing Profit Loss

The webinar discusses common pain points around promotion planning, how supply chain disruptions have affected cost worthiness, and how effective promotional campaigns can improve sales and reduce profit loss.

5 Ways Technology Makes Promotion Planning More Manageable and More Profitable

This blog discusses how having a promotional planning solution can help retailers maximize profit, effectively evaluate promotion campaigns, and reduce errors in the promotion planning process.

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Specialty Liquor Retail: Managing the Beers, Wines, and Spirits (BWS) Category

The BWS category poses several challenges for retailers, including promotional planning, capacity management, and omnichannel replenishment, leading to poor results if not planned for carefully.

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Markdown Optimization: An E-Grocer’s Journey

In this webinar, we speak to Supply Analyst about how the company recognized that they needed an improved markdown process, how they implemented it, and what kind of results they’ve achieved.

4 Keys to Better Retail Promotion Forecasting and Replenishment

Promotions are essential to retail success, but too often, poor execution delivers poor results. Here are the four things forward-thinking retailers are putting into practice to automate and improve their promotion planning.

The Art and Science of Markdowns: Collaborative Merchandising and Inventory Planning

Retailers can bridge the gaps between their supply chain and merchandising teams using shared forecasts to improve markdown performance.

Markdown Optimization: How Retailers Can Clear Stock While Maximizing Margin

This whitepaper lists the benefits of automated markdown optimization, as well as introduces a five-step guide for a well-planned markdown process.

Make Better Use of Your Inventory and Maximize Your Sales

Our markdown solution experts share insights on how to leverage markdown optimization to eliminate manual processes and significantly improve markdown performance.