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Wholesale supply chains thrive on accuracy, efficiency and collaboration 

Aug 9, 2023 2 min

Wholesalers and distributors must monitor supply shortages, maintain high service levels, manage capacity and resources, and mitigate rising costs while protecting razor-thin margins. RELEX understands the unique challenges you face as a wholesaler, and our adaptable system is built to overcome them. 


Wholesalers and distributors are expert jugglers. Monitoring supply shortages, maintaining high service levels, managing capacity and resources, mitigating rising costs, all while protecting razor-thin margins. Drop one ball, and your business takes a huge hit. 

Are you losing money and frustrating customers because you don’t have control over your inventory? Do you have alternate sources to help meet customer demand? Are you struggling to plan for the future because you’re relying on limited data and insights about the past? Do you face spoilage, overstock, or understock because supply doesn’t align with actual demand? Are you looking to increase automation due to labor shortages? Do you have difficulty balancing service levels with capacity constraints? Are you battling rising operating costs and shrinking margins? Do you find it difficult to align your budget with your business needs? 

To ensure your supply chain is demand-driven and cost-conscious, you need to separate demand by customer or channel. Collaborate with customers downstream and vendors upstream, manage capacity and availability constraints, and leverage optimal ordering strategies. 

RELEX understands the unique challenges you face as a wholesaler. Our adaptable system is built to overcome them. 

With RELEX, you can view demand in as many channel segments as you need. Place more accurate orders, improve service levels, and get visibility into future purchases and committed sales. 

RELEX replaces disconnected and outdated tools, spreadsheets and data sources with one AI-powered adaptive solution that can predict demand changes and prioritize orders during times of scarcity. 

RELEX delivers a foundation of accurate forecasts that improve and support your planning processes for better decisions, upstream and downstream. 

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