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Our retail space planning solutions are brought to you by Galleria, part of RELEX Solutions. Galleria is the leading provider of a complete suite of solutions from retail and category optimization to behavioral clustering and space optimization and planning.

Level up your retail planning game

RELEX Solutions has strengthened its position as an integrated retail and supply chain planning solution provider by acquiring Galleria RTS. RELEX now provides support for the whole retail planning process from assortment and space planning, via price and promotion optimization, to forecasting and replenishment.

With a comprehensive product suite, we provide customer-focused solutions for clustering, assortment, micro and macro space optimization supported by detailed analytics and reporting tools designed to meet the needs of retailers, and CPG vendors and manufacturers.

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“By combining store assortment, space allocation and continuous information on planned fixtures and presentations for each product in store, retailers will have a much better understanding of the demand and increased forecast accuracy.”

– Mikko Kärkkäinen, Group CEO

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