A pioneer of Supply Chain Planning technology

Our cloud-based supply chain planning solution is a combination of cutting-edge technology and deep SCM expertise. Enjoy an adaptable business development platform that lets you automate your supply chain.

Does in minutes what others do in hours

RELEX’s in-memory computing (IMC)-powered supply chain management solution can execute calculations five times faster than our nearest rival and 100 times faster than most of the best known SCM systems.

For example, RELEX can carry out the demand forecasting of 1,000 stores and 1,000,000 SKUs two years into the future in less than 60 minutes. IMC delivers massive gains in processing speed by not cycling your data on and off the hard drive. Instead all the data remains in active memory for processing.

Supply chain automation made easy and flexible

Our Business Rules Engine allows you to automate your expertise. You can, for instance, set up causal demand forecasting routines by identifying external events, such as seasonal changes, promotions, trends or weather. As a result, you can build an auto-order process that not only saves time but also improves accuracy and results.
Finally you will have enough time to focus on what really matters – developing your business processes and managing any exceptional situations with large bottom line impacts. You can also alter the logic easily by yourself without any coding.

Case Plantasjen

Plantasjen is Scandinavia’s largest chain of garden centres and an established RELEX client. With 110 stores across the region and an annual revenue of approximately € 433M, it is the market leader in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.


12 %

increase in on-shelf availability


decrease in total in-store inventory


increase in sales

  • Significant increase in ordering efficiency; time saved in stores corresponds to about 10 FTE’s
  • Improved accuracy of pre-season allocations, increased responsiveness to local demand in-season, and more efficient stock clearance; increased revenue
  • Purchasing to central warehouse seamlessly integrated with store replenishment

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Sophisticated calculations and flexible analysis

The secret behind RELEX is our own supply-chain-optimized, columnar in-memory database. The performance of the database enables us to perform every single calculation on the most granular level (store-SKU). This means that you can inspect and analyze the data any way you choose in real time; by store, region, product group, SKU, sell-by date, weather and event. Our technology is also future-proof. When your business expands or starts to mine new data streams, our solution will effortlessly adapt.

Based on extensive academic research and industry best practices

The RELEX team has an extensive academic background in Supply Chain Planning. Since the founding of RELEX a decade ago, those insights have been put into practice by working with leading companies across dozens of countries. These best practices have been incorporated into our software and are now at your disposal.

In the end, it’s not just about technology

While we offer best-in-class software, we know it’s the people and the processes that make the real difference. See how RELEX effortlessly adapts to the specific needs of your supply chain, no matter how complex it is.

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