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DIY & Builders Merchants

From a single washer to heavy machinery – product lines at builders merchants & hardware chains’ product lines vary radically by sales volume, price, size and weight.  Add wide variations in sales patterns and life cycle and you have a challenge.  RELEX cuts risk and boosts your bottom line with seasonal demand forecasting, flexible product classification and rule creation, allocation and delivery optimisation. Read more>>


Grocery’s all about high volumes – transactions, products, customers, suppliers, and deliveries. Promotions and short product shelf lives simply add to a complex mix.  RELEX reduces complexity with automated replenishment, multiple demand forecast models, rolling analytics, flexible rule creation and classification, campaign management and delivery optimisation. All help large grocery businesses cut waste, boost sales and increase profits. Read more>>

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics retailers face challenges like short product lifecycles, multiple promotions and sales spikes. By automating replenishment for year-round, steady sellers RELEX helps you focus on key products. Good, flexible demand forecasting, product classification, campaign management and allocation radically reduces the possibility of lost sales or over-stocking. Read more >>

Fashion & Clothing

In Fashion retailing you need fingertip control of your sales data and you need it in ways unique to your business – by size and by colour. RELEX offers forecast tools to minimise over-orders, fine-tune allocation to create the right mix across stores, rolling analytics so you can spot trends NOW and respond.  Read more>>

Specialty Retail

Whatever branch of speciality retail you’re in; brewing, pharmacy, flowers, spare parts, tyres, hobbies or a hundred others, you need supply chain management that wraps round your company – not the other way round.  Flexibility has been built into RELEX systems from the get-go. However you want to classify, forecast, allocate, analyse, with RELEX you  decide. Read more>>

Home & Garden

The Home and Garden sector is highly seasonal and deals with a wide range of products from multiple suppliers.  With RELEX systems, seasonal forecasting models can be optimised for each product, allocation can be managed accurately to minimise end of season stock and reordering automated for perennial lines so you can prioritise the management of exceptions. Read more>>


The scale and scope of wholesale businesses make it all the more vital that your key people are free to manage.  Intelligent automation can increase shelf availability while slashing excess inventory.  Most importantly it can unchain staff from repetitive inventory control and reordering tasks so they can play a more effective role in the success of your business. Read more>>


For manufacturers who rely heavily on demand forecasting to help control inventory, purchasing, capacity and production, the temptation is to add more layers of forecasting to improve results.  Too often the only result is more expense and wasted time.  RELEX’s Quantitative forecasting tools can increase forecast detail and accuracy without extra expense – and save your business money. Read more>>


RELEX invites all RELEX users to take part in our series of training webinars to learn more about advanced forecasting methods for different scenarios.
Apoteksgruppen, a chain made up of more than 160 entrepreneur-owned pharmacies throughout Sweden, has decided to implement RELEX’s solution for more efficient store replenishment.
Booths, Britain’s leading regional supermarket chain, has become the first high street retailer in the UK to pick RELEX, Europe’s fastest growing supply chain development solution provider, to help improve its replenishment management.
Suomen Lähikauppa, one of Finland’s biggest food retailers, expects to cut fresh-goods spoilage by more than 15% through its groundbreaking use of automated replenishment in one of retail’s most challenging areas.
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