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RELEX Environmental Policy

At RELEX, we are proud to be driving a positive impact by helping our customers reduce their carbon footprints. Based on our estimates, the yearly positive environmental impact is over 29 000 tonnes CO2. That does not mean that we can overlook the impacts of our own operations, which in 2021 caused 2533 tonnes of CO2. For details, please see our Sustainability Report 2022.

This policy has been created in effort to minimize our negative environmental impacts. It is divided into our major emission categories and lists the actions and guidelines that we as a company and individuals are undertaking to minimize these emissions. Any remaining emissions will be offset on a yearly basis. To raise awareness on this topic and to engage RELEXians all over the globe, we are running various programs. In 2022 highlights include starting up a Sustainability Champion program and running a company-wide sustainability challenge.

As we are in a rapid growth stage, reducing total emissions is practically impossible. Therefore, our emission intensity (CO2/revenue) is a more suitable metric to track. Due to very limited business travelling in 2021, we expect our emission intensity to rise in 2022 to a post-pandemic baseline level. From 2023 onwards, we are committed to reducing our emissions intensity on a yearly basis.

The yearly updates of this Policy are communicated to all employees.

Cloud Computing
For our private cloud we use colocation Data Centers that are 100% powered with renewable energy. Our servers have a Gold Star – EPA Energy classification and we are committed to handling the servers’ end-of-life recycling responsibly/according to WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU standards.

For our public cloud, we will actively work to reduce emissions, deepening partnerships with providers/services that have committed to using renewable energy sources.
Hybrid WorkRELEXians have (and have always had) the opportunity to work 100% remotely in roles where applicable. Our offices are also fully equipped to support hybrid meetings.
All of our offices are located close to public transportation, and it is also one criteria when searching for new office spaces. Additionally, we increasingly offer RELEXians opportunities to work in hubs, which enables us to commute less.
Business TravelWe encourage all RELEXians to be thoughtful when it comes to business travelling. We acknowledge that while traveling can often be replaced by online meetings, sometimes the face-to-face interactions are necessary. To support RELEXians in this, we have provided internal guidelines and recommendations for booking business travel.
Office spacesRELEX chooses renewable energy in all locations where us as the tenants have this opportunity and where not, we negotiate with the landlords and aim to leverage them into choosing renewable energy sources. Currently 60% of RELEXians work in offices that use only renewable energy.

Our goal is to recycle in all of our offices in accordance or better than the local best practices. Our offices have only reusable dishware and cutlery in use.

We have plans to look into the energy efficiency of all of our offices’ and the ways in which we could enhance them. We always take environmental aspects into consideration when choosing new office spaces.
Personal IT equipmentRELEXians use laptop computers that are mostly leased but also in some cases purchased. When leased, the provider is responsible for the end life of the devices and when purchased RELEX recycles all electronic components as well as used accessories.
According to our lifecycle policies, the minimum lifespan of a laptop is 3-4 years depending on the model.

This Policy has been approved by the RELEX Leadership Team.

Last updated June 2022.