Maxima Grupė, one of Lithuania’s most successful retailers, announces it has extended its usage of Galleria’s solutions by upgrading to the next generation of micro space planning, automation and optimization. This will enable it to easily create various assortment levels different from country to country. Additionally, it will be able to merchandize any fixture and produce planograms anywhere in its stores.

With its 535 stores of various sizes – from local convenience and supermarkets through to hypermarkets – Maxima was also keen to enhance communication between all departments and stores, increasing overall operational efficiency.

Maxima store

Miglė Čepulienė, Head of grocery, drinks and prime nonfood, at Maxima Grupė comments: “We have been working closely with Galleria to utilize its solutions to automate and optimize our merchandizing strategy in Lithuania for three years now. The move to upgrade and implement its solutions in all of our markets is a reflection of the confidence we have in its software and its team. Having one solution across the business will undoubtedly help us to make better informed merchandizing decisions, and as a result, improve our customer satisfaction.”

“We needed a system that could support all our current stores, and continue to expand in line with company growth. Galleria’s platform is easy to use, compatible with multiple languages, and is flexible to fit around our varied business processes and new requirements. Creating planograms for complex fixtures, which are now with full 3D visualization, will be much easier, and will help us better manage problematic areas in our stores.”

A part of RELEX Solutions, and the leading provider of end-to-end category planning, automation and optimization solutions and services to the retail industry, Galleria’s experience provides the foundation for next generation category optimization solutions with advanced planning, automation and optimization levels.

Galleria’s next generation of micro space planning, automation and optimization solution fully integrates via web service technologies to Maxima’s SAP ERP system and is due to go live in Estonia and Latvia in the coming weeks.

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