German Electronics Retailer MEDIMAX Picks RELEX Solutions for Inventory Optimisation

Mar 16, 2015 2 min

MEDIMAX, a retail arm of the Düsseldorf-based electronics giant ElectronicPartner, has chosen RELEX Solutions to streamline the supply chain management of its mobile communications range. RELEX’s big data solution will bring automated inventory management, demand-based assortment planning and precise demand forecasting to the chain’s 120-plus stores.

MEDIMAX has made a name for itself through excellent service and its vast product assortment. Its mobile communications range alone includes around 7000 product locations¹.

Until 2014, inventory management was carried out by staff at each store. In the summer of 2014 MEDIMAX successfully centralised its replenishment operations. This helped to avoid out-of-stocks and capital lockup. In addition, centralised replenishment also prevents high depreciation for items with short product-life-cycles, such as mobile phones.  In order to bring in demand-led replenishment, automate its processes and ease the workload for its replenishment team, the retailer has chosen RELEX’s SCM software.

RELEX’s solution will integrate easily with MEDIMAX‘s existing ERP system and will be able to make use of all of the company’s POS and other data. RELEX‘s in-memory database processes this ‘big data’ up to 100 times faster than traditional systems. This quantum leap in performance allows forecasts and order proposals on a product-store level to be calculated daily. Stock levels and availability are automatically and proactively optimised, which will free MEDIMAX employees from a significant and repetitive workload. At the same time MEDIMAX will release capital by reducing inventory.

Another key factor in the decision to adopt RELEX Solutions was its SaaS model: It avoids the need for MEDIMAX to invest heavily in hardware or a purchase license.

“This high degree of flexibility convinced us from day one,” says Olaf Heide, MEDIMAX’s  Managing Director. The fixed monthly SaaS fee includes the full system, regular upgrades, and customer support. “We expect full cost transparency, state-of-the-art technology and a quick return on investment.”

“This high degree of flexibility convinced us from day one. We expect full cost transparency, state-of-the-art technology and a quick return on investment.”

MEDIMAX is known for offering outstanding service and for its extensive product range. The electronics retail chain runs 127 stores across Germany and employs over 2000 people.

¹) ’Product locations’ are units trackable by a combination of item code and location.