Hennig-Olsen Is Selects RELEX Solutions to Optimize and Automate Channel-Specific Demand Forecasting

Apr 23, 2021 2 min

Hennig-Olsen Is, the oldest ice cream producer and distributor in the Nordic region, will partner with RELEX Solutions, provider of unified retail planning solutions, to optimize and automate demand forecasting and planning for all sales channels. The RELEX solution will service Hennig-Olsen Is’ distribution center in Norway, driving more efficient planning and increasing forecast accuracy. By improving the collaboration between its key account managers and supply chain planners, Hennig-Olsen Is plans to become the most reliable supplier in the industry, delivering on their promises to their customers.

Photo credit: Kjell Inge Søreide

The partnership took form as Hennig-Olsen Is recognized a need to improve their supply chain processes to stay competitive and adapt to changes in the industry. The producer sought a solution to automate their forecasting that would also allow Hennig-Olsen Is to utilize granular point-of-sale data from the end consumer whenever possible. Hennig-Olsen Is chose to partner with RELEX for its demand AI forecasting engine and capabilities, and to make Hennig-Olsen Is’s daily operations more automated and effective.

“In addition to great customer testimonials from producers using their solution, RELEX has an experienced team, a truly impressive demand AI forecasting engine, and a user-friendly UI,” says Jarl Søvik Olsen, Supply Chain Director at Hennig-Olsen Is. “RELEX is the perfect match for us. We look forward to working together to increase the level of automation and efficiency throughout our daily operations. RELEX will improve our forecast accuracy significantly, which is crucial for us, especially during the high season.”

“We are happy to partner with Hennig-Olsen Is and to welcome a new producer to our growing Norwegian customer base,” says Mikko Hartikainen, Senior Solution Consultant at RELEX Solutions. “Working with the agile and forward-looking team at Hennig-Olsen Is has been really exciting. Through RELEX, Hennig-Olsen Is’ Key Account Managers and Supply Chain Planners will finally be able to communicate with the same set of numbers. We look forward to supporting their goals of becoming a leader in the industry. By automatically considering the vast amount of available retail and end-consumer data in their demand planning, Hennig-Olsen Is can ensure that everyone’s favorite ice cream is available whenever the sun is shining.”