Ingram Selects RELEX Solutions for Distribution Center Forecasting and Replenishment

Aug 26, 2019 2 min

Ingram Content Group© (“Ingram”), a global book distributor and wholesaler based in the U.S., has selected RELEX to provide forecasting and replenishment solutions, replacing a legacy system in their distribution centers. With a continuously growing catalog of products, Ingram requires an inventory management system that can support its future growth path.

The RELEX solution will provide Ingram with powerful new tools to manage millions of titles across multiple locations worldwide. Its statistical models will provide new, more nuanced insights into expected title performance, and will make more books available more reliably. In addition to managing inventory more efficiently, it will also automate aspects of the inventory management function, enabling associates to focus on high-value tasks.

“Gaining additional visibility into our supply chain is a key outcome for us,” said Ingram’s CIO Steve Marshall, “and this project not only improves efficiency on our end, it will benefit our publishers and customers as well. We will be able to build more collaborative relationships with publishers who supply our books, improving our ability to ensure those books are well stocked for our customers and ultimately, the consumer.”

“Ingram’s supply chain team already executes at a high level in a complex environment — both in wholesale and distribution,” said RELEX President, North America Michael Falck. “We’re excited to help them continue to automate and further improve their lifecycle and inventory management in a notoriously hard-to-forecast industry.”

About Ingram
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