Konebox Selects RELEX’s Solution to Increase Product Replenishment Efficiency

Oct 16, 2009 1 min

Konebox is a consumer electronics retailer whose business concept combines the best of online shopping and the traditional brick and mortar sales channel.

To improve store replenishment efficiency, Konebox has taken RELEX’s RELEX Processor, RELEX Optimizer, and RELEX Analyzer solution suite into use. Mikko Ahonen, CFO at Konebox, comments on the decision: “The goal was to manage store replenishment extremely efficiently and in a completely centralized fashion. This solution enables our buyers to easily manage store replenishment and to obtain valuable information to support inventory management.”

The solution was implemented in spring and summer 2009. “Systems from four different suppliers were linked together in the implementation project. RELEX performed extremely well in managing the complexity of the project and coordinating the information flows between the different parties. RELEX’s ability to flexibly adjust its system interfaces was a critical success factor” Ahonen states.