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MediaMarkt Sweden Looks to RELEX to Transform Its Supply Chain

Apr 25, 2017 2 min

Swedish home electronics retailer aims to optimize its supply chain processes, cut inventory and boost availability with retail planning solution.

MediaMarkt Sweden has selected RELEX to automate and optimize its supply chain. RELEX, whose groundbreaking retail planning solutions have delivered impressive results for customers worldwide, will replace the retailer’s largely manual supply chain management processes.

MediaMarkt chose RELEX to improve the accuracy of its forecasting, match inventory to demand, boost availability and cut the workload on staff through automation.

MediaMarkt operates 27 stores as well as one online store in Sweden and is part of Europe’s leading home electronics retailer, the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, which has over 1,000 stores in 15 countries. MediaMarkt offers a wide range of well-known brands at low prices, competent staff, excellent service, clear advertising and a decentralized organization.

MediaMarkt’s main goal is to improve and simplify today’s supply chain planning operations in order to reduce time-consuming manual demand forecasting and replenishment processes. RELEX is expected to improve MediaMarkt’s demand forecasting accuracy and replenishment efficiency, better match stock levels to customer demand, while increasing availability and sales.

“With RELEX we hope to achieve better working processes for demand forecasting and replenishment,” says Andreas Vogler, CPO at MediaMarkt Sweden. “The system will substantially reduce today’s manual workload which will free up the supply chain team’s time to focus on more value-adding and strategic activities that will improve the customer experience across our stores and online.”

“We’re really looking forward to showing MediaMarkt the huge benefits a supply chain transformation can deliver,” says Christian Brunberg, RELEX’s Director of Sales Scandinavia. “RELEX’s experience in consumer electronics and in helping retailers go from manual-based systems to our cutting-edge technology, makes us confident we’ll deliver the results that MediaMarkt expects, and more.”

About MediaMarkt
MediaMarkt Sweden is part of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group which is the leading home electronics retailer in Europe. The group was founded in 1979.

The MediaMarkt concept consists of a unique assortment of well-known brands, sold at a low price. Combined with competent personnel, outstanding customer service and a decentralized organization MediaMarkt has built up a strong reputation on the market. MediaMarkt has 27 stores as well as one online store in Sweden. Globally the group operates more than 1,000 stores in 15 European countries.

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