Picadeli to Offer the Freshest Ingredients Using RELEX’s Inventory Management System

Aug 15, 2016 2 min

Picadeli, which has over 1,500 salad bars in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, has chosen RELEX’s supply chain management system to handle its inventory management and replenishment. RELEX will support Picadeli’s rapid growth and the company’s vision to ensure customers always enjoy excellent availability, giving them the best choice of the freshest ingredients from a varied range.

Picadeli offers a self-service salad concept for grocery and convenience stores, whereby the customer decides the size of salad they want and picks the ingredients themselves. Because the concept’s success rests on offering customers the freshest ingredients and a versatile range, Picadeli searched for a replenishment and inventory management solution that minimizes waste while making sure that the right products are always available in each salad bar. Previously Picadeli’s inventory and replenishment management was largely run manually.

Picadeli decided to partner with RELEX to streamline its inventory management processes thus ensuring fresher, more versatile fast food options. RELEX gives Picadeli the support and flexibility needed to handle such a diverse range where it’s vital the products are always as fresh as possible. With RELEX Picadeli also gets a solution that adapts and expands with the company, something that is incredibly important as it experiences strong international growth.

“We chose RELEX because it offered a flexible solution that can be configured around our current model and needs, and that can also easily be adapted to those we’ll have in the future,” says Ragnar Landin, CEO at Picadeli. “Combined with RELEX’s impressive knowledge of the fresh foods sector it has meant that we’ve quickly felt safe and secure with the solution.”

The goal is to work with RELEX to optimize Picadeli’s inventory and create automatic order proposals for replenishment for all its sales units.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Picadeli,” says Mikael Wiklund, Sales Manager at RELEX. “This is one of the most enjoyable projects we’ve worked on. It’s very exciting to be playing a role in developing Picadeli’s unique and very successful concept, and it’s great to have a customer that has established itself in so many stores.”

About Picadeli
Picadeli offers a salad buffet concept to grocery and convenience stores where the customer chooses the content and amount. Picadeli provides an overall concept with a wide selection of products, salad counters, marketing campaigns and ongoing support/monitoring to shop.

The company was founded in 2009 and today their salad bars can be found in 1,500 stores across Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Picadeli is part of the Green Food Group and it employs 70 persons.

Read more: www.picadeli.se