Raskone Controls Spare Parts Inventories Using RELEX’s Solutions

May 29, 2009 1 min

Raskone is seeking to increase the inventory management efficiency of spare parts at the company’s service centers. Raskone’s goals are to reduce the time spent on managing spare parts, to increase the service level of the service centers, to take out costs from the inventory replenishment process, as well as to reduce inventory obsolescence costs. To meet these goals, Raskone decided to implement the RELEX Processor replenishment solution.

The system implementation project started in the fall of 2008 and RELEX Processor was taken into operational use in January 2009. The implementation project was carried out in co-operation with eCraft, who was responsible for integrating RELEX Processor with Automaster, the ERP system used by Raskone.

“RELEX truly seeks to understand the needs and goals of the customer and to fit their solution to the customer’s situation. RELEX’s team has been exceptionally rapid and flexible in responding to development requests – in my experience, it is quite rare to get as fast and flexible service from an IT vendor,“ Esa Mäkinen, purchasing director at Raskone, comments.