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The Retail Bulletin – How Marimekko Manages a Complex Supply Chain with RELEX

Dec 18, 2015 1 min

The Retail Bulletin, a UK online retail publication, reports on how RELEX helped Marimekko optimise its complex supply chain. Marimekko, an international textile design company, worked with RELEX to help manage its global, multichannel supply chain. With 144 stores in 40 countries and one DC, it needed a solution able to handle the complexities of the business. Mari Nenonen, the company’s Supply Chain Manager explained: “What we wanted from a system was quick integration and adaptability and with a view to that, the company approached RELEX.” As the company continued to expand, it was important to Marimekko to deliver “joy and beauty” globally, not just through its renown use of patterns and colours.

Marimekko’s key challenges included high inventory levels, key products being out-of-stock and a system that did not provide the tools necessary to efficiently manage the supply chain operations. RELEX has enabled Marimekko to better manage inventory management and assortment planning.

The result has been a 22% reduction in inventory at the DC and a 22% increase in company-level turnover. The implementation also led to a decrease in time spent on replenishment and fewer out-of-stock situations due to the automation of the system. The third phase of the project began in 2015 with a focus on a sales and operations planning process.

Click here for the full article in The Retail Bulletin, December 14th, 2015:
Marimekko, international fashion retailer, managing a complex, global, multichannel supply chain