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Customer Video: Leroy Merlin

Paolo Schumaniak, Head of Demand & Supply Planning at Leroy Merlin Italy, took a few minutes to explain how a centralized planning approach using RELEX is helping his team improve forecasting in the short term...

How a planning solution helps tackle food manufacturing challenges

Demand needs versus supply realities. Production constraints versus customer obligations. Long-term planning versus short-term flexibility.

Customer Video: Henderson Group

In this video, Paul McAlinden talks about their partnership with RELEX, managing disruption during the pandemic, and expanding their capabilities from wholesale to include retail.

The window of freshness is vanishingly small. Fresh packaged food manufacturers must dream bigger about forecasting

Discover how fresh packaged foods manufacturers can use high-accuracy demand forecasting to achieve optimal freshness.

Customer Video: AutoZone

Annie Hook, AutoZone VP of Replenishment, sat down with us to share insights into why they partnered with RELEX to streamline forecasting and replenishment for their distribution centers and boost vendor collaboration.

Customer Video: Prince Retail

In this video, Rina Janine Go, Chief Merchandising, Marketing, and Distribution Officer for Prince Retail, discusses how RELEX has helped them automate processes and drive forecast accuracy.

wholesale store

Why channel-specific wholesale forecasting is the future

Discover how channel forecasts improve wholesale forecasting accuracy to make for happier customers and better profit margins.

Customer Video: Family Dollar

In this video, Kim Ramsey, VP of Inventory Management for Family Dollar shares why they chose RELEX to integrate their forecasting and replenishment.

3 hurdles to super supplier collaboration — and how to clear them

Retailer and supplier collaboration is critical for an optimized supply chain. Find out how suppliers can overcome collaborative challenges.

Transform consumer goods S&OP with next-level demand shaping

The blog discusses on how forecasts built using demand sensing can result in fewer lost sales, reduced waste, and increased cost savings.

Customer Video: ICA Sweden

Andreas Persson, Director of Replenishment, and Richard Belec, Business and IT Development Manager, sat down to share why ICA Sweden decided to partner with RELEX to achieve their goals.

How to maintain control of demand in the consumer goods supply chain

This video explains how RELEX helps consumer goods companies meet the changing demand and get more visibility into their sales channels.

How demand sensing helps conquer FMCG supply chain chaos

This blog explores how forecasts built using demand sensing can result in fewer lost sales, reduced waste, and increased cost savings.

3 fundamentals to maintain control of demand in the consumer goods supply chain

While many are adding new products to their ranges that appeal to price-conscious shoppers or slimming down packaging to reduce costs, it’s important they also have 3 fundamentals in place to maintain control of demand.

Customer Video: East of England Co-op

Susie Hallett and Rob Hawkins from East of England talk about their partnership with RELEX, implementing forecasting and replenishment during COVID, and the benefits of unifying space and supply chain planning. 

Season's changing

More Efficient Seasonal Inventory Management

Seasonal inventory management is not easy. However, there are many companies who have managed to turn it from a problem into an opportunity.

Supply Chain Disruption: Cracking the Bullwhip in Asia-Pacific

In this webinar, Asia Pacific retailers and consumer brands can uncover the best practices on ways to tackle supply chain challenges and crack today’s bullwhip effect to better manage future uncertainties.

How Data Best Practices Can Improve Inventory Management and Forecast Accuracy 

Accurate inventory data is vital to optimal inventory management for every retailer. This blog spots four common causes of inventory data inaccuracies retailers should avoid.

Leveraging Machine Learning in Your Retail Demand Forecasting

In this webinar, RELEX experts share how machine learning can help retailers solve their most critical demand forecasting challenges.

Drug Inventory Management (Part 2): Handling Substitutions and Generic Medications

To ensure they can meet ongoing demand without pause and offer exceptional customer service, pharmacies need a system that can automatically adjust replenishment orders to account for substitutions.

Customer Video: Baby Bunting

Sarah Serle, General Manager of Merchandise, and Matt Rodda, CIO for Baby Bunting, share the challenges they faced with siloed and manual ordering processes, and the positive benefits they have seen since implementation.

Pharmacy shelf

Drug Inventory Management (Part 1): Ensuring Availability to Stay Competitive

To be competitive, pharmacies must successfully manage the variable and unique demand for prescription medications.

NRF 2022 Big Ideas Session: JOKR

Learn how JOKR is transforming its retail planning for increased efficiency, reduced inventory, and better product availability.

Customer Voice: How ICA Sweden Shares Order Forecasts with Suppliers to Improve Collaboration, Increase Availability, and Reduce Waste

In this customer voice blog, Andreas Persson, Head of Replenishment at ICA Sweden, discusses the excellent results the company has achieved by sharing order forecasts with suppliers.