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Customer video: Plantagen

Sep 5, 2023 3 min

Plantagen/Plantasjen is a leading retailer with the widest assortment of plants, plant accessories, and other products connected to “a growing life ” in the Nordic markets. In addition, they offer products for garden life such as equipment and furniture. Camilla Pettersson, Plantagen’s Supply Planning Business Developer and Store Manager, Marie Berglund, took time out to share their success with their recent expansion with RELEX to streamline their ordering and replenishment and drive efficiency for store teams. 


Camilla Pettersson: Plantagen has 128 stores, also logistics hubs in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Holland. We have big formats like garden centers and also smaller formats like local plant shops. Plantagen always aims to be the most inspiring Nordic garden center. 

We have been partners together with RELEX for almost 11 years, and we were one of RELEX’s first customers. We really like the collaboration together with RELEX. RELEX always likes to improve and develop and likes to improve and develop together with its customers. 

The solution we had for our stores to review order proposals was not good for the users. It didn’t show the whole picture of what the order proposal was based on. We needed a solution to secure the assortment every day in our stores for the best experience for our customers. 

It was obvious for us to ask RELEX if they had a solution for us. 

When spring comes, it really explodes, and all customers like to do their gardens, their balconies and terraces all at the same time. So, it was really crucial for us to have this implementation ready before spring. The project group from Plantagen, together with RELEX, we worked really close together, and we succeeded. 

Marie Berglund: Before the pilot phase, regional super users were appointed. We were the ones who learned the On-the-Go project first, and it was important for us that we were involved in creating the training material so that it would be easy for everyone in the store to adopt. 

The rollout went well. The solution has been met with very positive reactions from the stores. And the solution is very user-friendly and very flexible, and it gives the coworkers an opportunity to further develop and gives a better understanding of the whole business.   

Camilla Pettersson: We have recently added an exception for our stores showing the top products in this solution, and we think this will really help the stores. 

We think a big benefit is the transparency we can have with this solution to share information from suppliers to store users. We also think that giving the stores all the information in the same view will give them help to improve sales and lower waste. 

Marie Berglund: This solution will help us make smart choices when we plan our stores and order our plants, so this will help us develop our coworkers to make good decisions. 

Camilla Pettersson: This solution will affect our customers’ experience in our stores. They are, in the end, the most important.