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Whistleblowing – Anonymous Reporting Channel

RELEX is committed to legal and ethical conduct and promotes integrity, corporate responsibility, and fair practices. If you have any concerns about the legality and ethics of conduct at RELEX, we want to know about it in order to investigate and perform appropriate corrective measures.

You can inform RELEX of any concerns of violations of laws and ethics via RELEX’s whistleblowing channel. RELEX’s whistleblowing channel is provided by WhistleB and you can leave your report anonymously through the online form provided or optionally leave your contact information if you so choose.

All employees, partners, and others who may become aware of suspected violations at RELEX in the course of their work can use the whistleblowing channel to voice their concerns.

We encourage you to speak up! RELEX does not tolerate retaliation against people who have made reports of suspected violations in good faith.

Please note that the whistleblowing channel is intended to inform RELEX of suspected violations of laws and ethics such as fraud, fraudulent accounting practices, breaches of privacy laws, and breaches of employee health and safety regulations. RELEX is interested in hearing your suggestions on other matters too, but those should be communicated through other means such as speaking with your team lead or your contact person if you are not a RELEX employee.

You can read more about RELEX’s whistleblowing practices from RELEX’s whistleblowing policy.

Start by clicking here to report your concern.