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Inside the World of Talent Acquisition: Building Success

Meet Kenna Rogers, a Talent Acquisition Specialist based in Atlanta, US. As we continue our blog series, Meet Our Recruiters, which brings front career stories and insights into the world of Talent Acquisition, Kenna walks...

Fostering Connections and Empowering New Hires: The Art of Virtual Onboarding

Join us on a captivating journey as we dive into the world of virtual onboarding through the eyes of Genny Roman, a Learning and Development Specialist at RELEX. Discover her insights, challenges, and triumphs as...

Inside the World of Talent Acquisition: A Tech Industry Perspective

From History Student to Talent Acquisition Specialist at RELEX – Meet Rebekka, our Talent Acquisition Specialist. She works at the Helsinki HQ and is the first to be featured in Meet Our Recruiters, a new...

From Linguistics to Software Development: Olga’s Journey at RELEX

Meet Olga Vorozheykina, a Software Developer working at RELEX. She joined RELEX four years ago, first working as a Technical Consultant, then transitioning to her current role as a Frontend Developer. In this blog post, we’ll...

3 Dos and Don’ts for Summer Interns

Netta worked as a Summer Intern in 2021, and now she shares her top three dos and don'ts for people taking their first steps into working life.

Beyond Pride – 5 Key Areas to Incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion All Year

For us, celebrating Pride doesn’t end in July. RELEX has made Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a priority growth area, and there are four key areas from which we plan to start.

RELEX Core Values in Action

For many of us at RELEX, seeing our five core values embodied is more than just an idea, but something that we see manifested daily.

Strengthening the RELEX Culture by Bringing People Together

Last year, we faced a strange, new situation. We recognized a need to connect with colleagues even more and because of that, made networking our theme of the fall.

Working and Volunteering for Meaningful Purposes

What all RELEXians share is the passion for helping others. Three RELEXians share their volunteering experiences and hope to inspire others to find their ways of doing good.

Meet Our Recruiters

Are you interested in learning more about us? Our Talent Acquisition Managers from across the globe reveal their insights. Get to know them and what they think of RELEX.

The Fun Initiative: Helping Brighten Things up at Work

Matleena looks back to the first months of remote work and reflects on the initiatives we took to take care of RELEXians' wellbeing.

Bringing People Closer Together Online

What to do when you waited for joining the US team and getting to know everyone, but suddenly COVID-19 turned everything upside down? Maria found alternate ways to socialize without breaking the distance rules.

Supporting Mental Wellbeing at RELEX

Mental wellbeing is an underlying driver behind everything we do in life. In this blog, our wellbeing team tells how they encourage RELEXians to take care of mental wellbeing.

Best Practices for Working from Home

Our ability to adapt to change, overcome challenges, and thrive is put to the test. In this blog, Ryan shares his thoughts on the early days of COVID-19 and getting used to working from home.

Working at RELEX – Improving Efficiency in Food Retailers’ Supply Chains

What makes our job meaningful? Besides helping retailers, there’s a tangible impact in reducing food waste. In this blog, Emma and Antti talk about what makes them enjoy their roles at RELEX.

How to get hired at RELEX?

If you consider yourself a future RELEXian, this is for you: we’re revealing the traits RELEXians share, tips to help your application to stand out, and ways you can excel in our hiring process.

Who Needs a Student Exchange When You Can Go on a Work Exchange at RELEX?

When Merit was a student, it never seemed to be the right time to go on a student exchange. So when she got a chance to work 3 months in the US, she was excited.

Balancing Between Work And Life

Our CEO Mikko shares his thoughts on why it’s important to be present in the fleeting moments of family life and how RELEXians are encouraged to have a healthy work-life balance.

Being a Dad at RELEX

Tommi first started at RELEX in 2006 as a 20-something, and he has witnessed the company and the RELEXians growing over the years, while also becoming a father himself.

RELEX is constantly recruiting new top talent

RELEX hired over 200 people in 2017 and is one of Finland's fastest-growing software companies. In this blog, Jasmin and João tell what makes RELEX an excellent place to work.

6 Tips for Conquering the Challenges of Remote Work

When Tuomo's family moved to Berlin, he was forced to start working entirely remotely. In this blog, he shares his tips to excel in a remote setting.

New Perspectives: Job Rotation to Atlanta

Matias had always felt intrigued by the opportunity to work abroad, so when RELEX opened an office in the US, he knew he wanted to go.

Remote Working Week in Malaga

A group of RELEXians decided to pack their bags and head over to Malaga for a remote work week. What did they learn from that trip?

Being a Working Mom at RELEX

Before joining RELEX, Petra was having a hard time being a working mom in Germany. At RELEX, she found practices and support for combining work and parenthood.