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BFG Supply Co. Chooses RELEX Solutions to Enhance Demand Forecasting and Operations Planning  

Feb 13, 2024 2 min

BFG Supply Co. adopts advanced supply chain technology to bolster forecasting, inventory management, and customer service.

BFG Supply Co., a leading distributor to the green industry, has selected RELEX Solutions, provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, to elevate their demand forecasting capabilities. This selection marks a significant enhancement of BFG Supply’s demand forecasting process which will positively impact all of their distribution centers across the United States. Using RELEX is expected to yield more precise demand forecasts, leading to superior customer service and more effective inventory management.    

Facing continuous growth, both organically and through acquisitions, BFG Supply Co. recognized the need to leverage cutting-edge demand forecasting technology to maintain their leadership in the highly seasonal green industry. The previous supply chain management methods were becoming insufficient for the evolving demands of their business and customer base. 

Chris DeMeester, CIO of BFG Supply, said, “As we expand, it’s crucial to have a robust and scalable supply chain platform that aligns with our growth strategy. The RELEX machine-learning forecasting solution stands out for its ease of use, configurability, and transparent output. It’s precisely what we need to support our strategic objectives.” 

Keith Adams, Senior Vice President for North America at RELEX Solutions, commented, “Our experience with the unique demands of the green industry makes us a perfect fit for BFG Supply Co., a company with over half a century of expertise in gardening and plant life. They required a solution that is more than a ‘Black Box’ – something they can understand, work with, and trust. We are thrilled to provide them with such a solution.” 

BFG Supply is working with RetSci to implement the RELEX forecasting solution. RetSci’s expertise in forecasting and proven record of using hybrid delivery methodologies with a wide array of customers will allow BFG Supply to achieve their ROI extremely quickly.  

“RetSci brings deep experience with demand planning and data science to every engagement. Combining that expertise with RELEX has become a powerful growth tool for retailers and wholesalers alike. We look forward to seeing the forecast accuracy and process improvements help BFG optimize their inventory and meet customers’ needs very soon”, said Bill Zacher, COO of RetSci.