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Binzagr Company to Optimize its Supply Chain with RELEX Solutions

Feb 7, 2024 2 min

Large fast moving consumer goods distributor to gain greater efficiency with automation.

Binzagr Company, a prominent fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) distributor in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council region, has selected RELEX Solutions, a provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, to optimize its supply chain with RELEX forecasting and replenishment capabilities.  

Boasting over 130 years of continuous service, Binzagr Company stands as one of the largest distributors in the region, managing a daily throughput of 700,000 products with a fleet of over 800 trucks and serving approximately 15,000 customers daily. 

With RELEX Solutions’ expertise in unified supply chain planning, Binzagr Company will move away from manual planning to gain a high degree of automation, leading to significant increases in efficiency and allowing planners to focus on more value-adding tasks. RELEX Solutions’ also offers simplicity in the complexity by bringing together all the processes in one tool, thereby enabling proper projections and plans. 

Binzagr Company will also gain agility with their S&OP process, look to improve forecast accuracy, purchase planning, replenishment planning, warehouse space management, and sales order fulfilment. With RELEX, Binzagr Company expects to optimize stock levels, reduce waste, and improve inventory mix, all of which will lead to improved customer service.  

“Choosing RELEX Solutions reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our customers,” says Yasir Taufik, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Binzagr Company. “We heard many positive things about the company from our customers, and our interactions have shown we have a shared commitment to customer satisfaction and integrity.” 

“We are excited to support Binzagr Company’s journey towards operational excellence,” says Frank Lord, Chief Revenue Officer at RELEX Solutions. “Binzagr Company understands the importance of improving supply chain efficiency in order to effectively and consistently meet customers’ needs while reducing waste and improving automation.”