Budget Sport Decreases Shelving Costs with RELEX Pre-Pack Replenishment and Allocation

Jan 3, 2023 1 min

Budget Sport, a Finnish sports retail chain, has driven significant improvements to shelving costs through their partnership with RELEX Solutions, provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions. Since 2018, RELEX has provided demand forecasting, replenishment and allocation solutions for Budget Sport’s 10 stores and 1 distribution center and wanted to expand collaboration to pre-pack replenishment and allocation.  

By working with RELEX and implementing pre-pack replenishment and allocation, Budget Sport has achieved: 

  • 82% decrease in DC shelving and picking costs for pre-packs compared with individual products 
  • 4,3% increase in year-over-year overall availability  

Before implementing RELEX Pre-Pack Replenishment and Allocation, Budget Sport faced challenges balancing between the risk of excess stock and stockouts when dealing with pre-packs. This resulted in vast amounts of manual work. Now, the implemented solution gathers sales forecast and balance data from the individual variant included in the pre-pack and further utilizes it together with allocation costs to determine the right pre-pack amount to order. 

“The solution has allowed us at Budget Sport to optimize the replenishment process within RELEX and streamline the overall working process of our assortment managers”, says Heidi Hiltula, PIM Manager, RELEX Superuser. 

“At RELEX, we always want to solve real business challenges. Being able to optimally replenish and allocate pre-packs is a prime example of solving an integral challenge for some industries. We are extremely happy to have worked on this with Budget Sport and are proud to showcase such strong results”Tommi Ylinen, Chief Product Officer at RELEX Solutions.