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Deshengtang Pharmaceutical to Improve Product Availability with RELEX Solutions 

Jan 22, 2024 2 min

The prominent pharmaceutical company to optimize supply chain inventory and improve order fulfillment rates through AI-enabled automation.

Deshengtang Pharmaceutical, a leading pharmaceutical company, has chosen RELEX Solutions, a provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, to better meet the growing pharmaceutical demands of residents in China.  

By implementing RELEX forecasting and replenishment capabilities, Deshengtang aims to optimize its end-to-end supply chains, rectify inventory structures, effectively balance inventory costs and order fulfillment rates, and ultimately improve profitability. This collaboration supports the continuously expanding business needs, mitigates risks of stockouts and pharmaceutical expiration, facilitates effective inventory management and allocation, and optimizes various metrics across the supply chain. 

Deshengtang seeks to leverage automation, AI, and machine learning to elevate forecasting accuracy. The objective of accurate forecasting is to maintain an optimal inventory level, thereby minimizing waste. Simultaneously, this initiative aims to ensure sustained product availability. 

Mr Long Yan, President at Deshentang, said, “RELEX has deep understanding of the pharmaceutical sector, becoming the clear choice for Deshengtang. With its AI-driven solution and global use cases, we look forward to RELEX bringing the best practices of the global pharmaceutical industry to Deshengtang and the Chinese market. This marks a new beginning in our journey toward supply chain digitization, paving the way for comprehensive supply chain optimization at Deshengtang.” 

“Pharmaceutical retail companies cater to a varied customer base, necessitating swift adaptability to fluctuations in order volumes, frequency, and demand. Throughout the industry, inventory decisions are influenced by both suppliers and retailers, creating complexities in predicting stock levels and assortments. We’re delighted to be working with Deshengtang to automate and streamline their operations,” said Kristie Davidson, Senior Vice President of Sales APAC at RELEX Solutions.