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Galleria Welcomes a New Customer – East of England Co-op

Jul 19, 2013 3 min

This press release refers to a project implemented by Galleria RTS which has been acquired by RELEX Solutions in June 2016.

East of England Co-op have chosen galleria to proceed with their solutions across their stores in East Anglia.

Co-op East of England

East of England Co-operative Society, the largest independent retailer in East Anglia has chosen Galleria to enhance its merchandising strategy and to improve the customer experience through implementing Galleria’s Intelligent Store Optimization (ISO), Customer Centric Merchandising (CCM), Promotional Display Optimization (PDO), Store Operations Workbench (SOW) and Galleria Foundation Services (GFS) in over 130 food stores and supermarkets located in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, England.

“We are excited to be working in partnership with Galleria to support the development of our retail strategies,” said John Dixey, IT Development Controller, East of England Co-op.

East of England Co-operative Society selected Galleria as their preferred solution provider due to their uniquely comprehensive product offering which includes the umbrella product Galleria Foundation Services. GFS represents the central hub for data repository which offers a multifaceted workflow management system covering business process, security and integration with the other business systems utilised by East of England Co-operative Society.

In order to execute an extensive merchandising strategy across their food retail estate, East of England Co-operative Society selected Galleria’s CCM solution which will enable them to automate the production of store specific planograms centered on customer assortments across ambient and fresh categories.

This solution links seamlessly with Galleria’s SOW programme to intelligently deliver information to stores, via a web service increasing store compliance through individual planogram distribution. Ultimately these activities will drive customer loyalty and satisfaction through improved product relevance and availability at a store specific level.

The deployment of Customer Centric Merchandising (CCM) and Galleria Foundation Services (GFS) enables micro space within stores to be effectively exploited. East of England Co-operative Society intend to build on the optimization of micro space within their stores through the utilization of the ISO solution from Galleria. East of England will be able to implement automated macro space organization on a store specific level whilst transparent “what if” analysis enables them to fully comprehend the financial impact of any changes to their bottom line.

“As East of England Co-op continue to become more customer-centric, it can no longer run on generic planograms based on enterprise averages,” said Ian Duncan-Lewis, CEO, Galleria. “Macro space and Micro space analysis are components that must be in place in order to execute an efficient customer-centric merchandising and assortment strategy to boost sales and satisfy customers. Our automated solution makes it possible for retailers to maintain centralized control and supply chain efficiencies, while taking into consideration local influence and demand. Ultimately, Galleria’s application will enable East of England Co-op to provide a better in-store experience by efficiently providing the exact products each customer desires.”

About East of England Co-operative Society

The East of England Co-operative Society is the largest independent retailer in East Anglia, England and has over 200 trading outlets which are located in more than 70 towns and villages in the UK including the three regional centers of Norwich, Ipswich and Colchester.

The Society is one of the largest independent Co-operative Societies in the UK with an annual turnover in excess of £350 million, and employs around 4,700 local people. It has an influence that stretches from North Norfolk to East Essex covering 2,000 square miles of East Anglia.

The Society’s diverse business activities include: supermarkets, food stores and post offices, online electrical, travel, pharmacy, optical and funeral branches, petrol forecourts, and an Events and Conference Centre, as well as Easier Living Mobility Centers.