Konsum Värmland Chooses Relex for More Efficient Store Replenishment

Jul 10, 2015 2 min

Konsum Värmland, a consumer cooperative association owned by its more than 150,000 members in Sweden, has chosen RELEX to provide a new software solution to improve and further automate replenishment of Konsum Värmland’s grocery stores.

Konsum Värmland implemented automated ordering already several years ago using the functionality available in its ERP system, Infor M3. However, replenishment of fresh produce, promotions and seasons was still largely managed manually by store staff. In order to take its supply chain operations to the next level and increase the level of automation in store replenishment a more advanced system and tools were required. Thus, the cooperative has chosen to implement RELEX’s forecasting and replenishment solution, which will be integrated with its existing ERP system.

The implementation of RELEX’s solution will reduce time spent on ordering in the stores, allowing for increased focus on customer service. Additionally, Konsum Värmland expects a significant impact on its profitability through reduced food waste, increased sales from better shelf availability and lower inventory levels.

“We have had very positive experiences and have achieved great results working with food retailers in other countries,” says RELEX Solutions co-founder Johanna Småros, Director of its Swedish operations. “I believe we can achieve equally good or even better results in co-operation with Konsum Värmland and I look forward to a successful implementation.”

About Konsum Värmland

Konsum Värmland is a local consumer cooperative association owned by its more than 150,000 members. Its head office and board of directors are located in Karlstad and it has 84 outlets across the region.

Konsum Värmland also operates local food production, depots and transportation. Among the association’s wholly owned subsidiaries are MaxiMat and Charlottenberg Supermarket focusing on cross-border shopping, the discount store chain Pekås, and meat packing and processing company Värmlands Chark AB.

The association employs approximately 1,300 people and in 2014, total sales amounted to approximately €420M. Värmland is one of the major cooperative strongholds in Sweden and Konsum Värmland is in a very expansive and offensive phase.