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Leading Grocery Retailer COOP Italia Selects RELEX Solutions to Improve Stock Management and Service Levels 

Jan 25, 2024 2 min

The collaboration aims to optimize forecasting and replenishment for non-food and private label food products across COOP Italia’s distribution centers. 

Leading Italian consortium COOP Italia has chosen RELEX Solutions to enhance its distribution centers (DC) and service levels. The decision comes as part of COOP Italia’s ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. 

COOP Italia operates two DCs, with approximately 20,000 SKUs across its grocery stores. The company started in June 2022 a RELEX implementation project for collaborative demand planning for its whole private label assortment. 

They decided to extend their RELEX footprint with the goal of improving service levels, optimizing stock levels, increasing automation, and improved stock management. With the help of RELEX integrated supply chain hub, COOP Italia will gain better visibility across their supply chain. This will allow them to prevent product availability and inventory issues before they occur, as well as efficiently introduce new products and categories. The solution also facilitates improved planning with suppliers and within distribution centers, ensuring smoother processes overall. 

“The collaboration with RELEX Solutions is strategic to take our supply chain planning processes to the next level. RELEX impressed us not only with their powerful retail planning technology but also by demonstrating a deep understanding of our unique requirements,” says Mario Zambrini, Head of IT Demand Office at COOP Italia. “With a proven track record in the grocery industry and extended supply chain visibility gained through RELEX Solutions, COOP Italia is confident that this collaboration will drive success in their future endeavors.”  

COOP Italia chose RELEX due to their AI-driven technology capabilities along with their transparent approach and local support team presence. Working with RELEX allows COOP Italia to collaborate more effectively with suppliers while providing customers with unparalleled service and fresh groceries. Additionally, this collaboration supports the strategy of enhancing COOP products’ positioning in the Italian large-scale distribution market. 

“Our AI-driven technology combined with continuous innovation will enable us to provide tailored solutions that perfectly meet the needs of COOP Italia’s extensive customer base,” says Stefano Scandelli, SVP Sales EMEA & APAC at RELEX Solutions