MELTEX Selects RELEX Solutions to Automate Forecasting and Replenishment

Aug 16, 2022 2 min

MELTEX, a Finnish manufacturer, importer, and retailer of products for the construction industry, will partner with RELEX Solutions, provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, to centralize and automate their forecasting and replenishment processes. The RELEX solution services MELTEX’s eleven stores, two of which also operate as distribution centers, in Finland to improve availability, reduce time spent on manual planning, and drive transparency across the entire supply chain. 

Meltex’s service attitude also continues outside the stores 
We at Meltex make sure that the service continues from the beginning to the end of the path. All the way to the worksite! 

Before RELEX, MELTEX’s planning processes were decentralized and mostly manual. Forecasting and store replenishment required considerable time and effort, and planning teams did not have the tools to automate order generation. MELTEX sought to unify their processes and provide end-to-end visibility to their planning teams. Using a streamlined, automated solution enables MELTEX to improve availability, optimize stock levels to reduce inventory costs, and give planners the speed and efficiency to drive accurate forecasts and orders for their distribution centers and stores. 

“We are excited to be using RELEX’s state-of-the-art forecasting and replenishment capabilities to unify our supply chain planning,” says Reijo Areva, Managing Director at MELTEX. “By automating our processes, giving our teams more transparency, and reducing time-consuming manual tasks, they can more effectively get the products our customers need into the right stores at the right time. Working with RELEX has been very smooth from the beginning, and we are looking forward to our continuing partnership.” 

“We are proud to partner with MELTEX and help them optimize their forecasting and replenishment to meet their business goals and customers’ needs,” says Emma Aidanpää-Salmi, VP, Customer Success at RELEX Solutions. “MELTEX is a subsidiary of Etola Group and was referred to us by another of Etola’s subsidiaries. We are excited to be working with both companies in the Etola family for their supply chain management. We look forward to continuing to provide value in all our projects.”