Menigo Increases Availability with RELEX SCM-Software

May 12, 2016 3 min

Menigo, a leading Swedish full service provider for professionals in the food and beverage sector, has chosen RELEX’s solution to boost availability while simultaneously cutting waste and reducing inventory levels. The company is owned by Brakes Group, Europe’s largest supplier to the foodservice sector.

Menigo’s core offering to its customers centers on high availability levels across a wide range of products. In its efforts to ensure that customer expectations are always met, Menigo is putting considerable weight behind the optimization of its inventory control process. Even before working with RELEX, Menigo had already achieved high availability levels, however the process was largely manual and labor-intensive. Moreover the task was made harder because the company’s processes were reactive, making them even more time-consuming. Menigo has long been an environmentally conscious business, in which waste reduction is one of its key concerns. However, this requires good planning and a good supply chain management system. Menigo decided to work with RELEX so it could take a more proactive approach, improve its forecasting, manage its complex supply chain more effectively and, consequently, cut waste and increase availability even further.

Menigo’s goal in collaborating with RELEX is to make managing its replenishment easier and more efficient through automating its business processes. By producing more accurate demand forecasts, it expects to increase availability further, while simultaneously cutting waste and reducing inventory levels. Menigo also wants to generate order proposals and optimize its control parameters automatically so that staff have more time to use their skills for value-adding tasks such as proactive purchasing to secure better deals for customers.

“Our main goal is to meet our customers’ high expectations when it comes to availability,” says David Pantzer, Head of Supply Chain at Menigo. “However we are also determined to be as efficient and sustainable a business as possible and we see the potential to do this through further reducing our inventory and spoilage. In working with RELEX, we feel confident that we will reach our goals for both availability and inventory as well as for wastage and environmental impact.”

Christian Brunberg, RELEX’s Country Manager for Sweden, is excited at the prospect of the joint project and glad that Menigo has chosen to work with RELEX to tackle its business challenges. “Menigo is an excellent example of a business that puts great emphasis on high quality customer service,” says Brunberg. “We are proud to be working with them to realize their goals and further enhance an already great brand’s reputation in the market.”

“The challenges in the foodservice sector are very complex, but that means that the potential gains are even greater. I am confident that Menigo and RELEX will achieve great results together and we look forward to collaborating!”

About Menigo
Menigo is a wholesaler and one of the leading foodservice suppliers in Sweden. The company is owned by Brakes Group, Europe’s largest supplier to the foodservice sector.

The foundation of what Menigo is today started when ICA acquired the family business Wickman in Malmö 1969. Over the years the company has grown through several acquisitions of local family businesses, each with its traditions and unique expertise. Menigo has seven offices around the country and employs around 900 people in total.