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MGI Research Recognizes RELEX Solutions’ Momentum and Commitment to 100% Customer Referenceability

Jul 18, 2017 2 min

MGI 360™ Ratings report for the Core SCM market places RELEX above peers in product, strategy and financial health

RELEX Solutions announced today that it achieved a top ranking in the MGI 360 Rating report for the Core SCM market. MGI Research’s outlook on RELEX is POSITIVE. The firm scored RELEX above its peer group in product, strategy and financial health. MGI also cited RELEX’s unique and collaborative implementation approach and ability to quickly bring solutions online in a fraction of the time promised by competing providers. Visit MGI Research to read a summary of RELEX Solutions’ rating. The full report is available to MGI Research subscribers.

The MGI 360™ Ratings report for the Core SCM market draws on primary customer research to evaluate demand and supply management software. In a recent MGI Research webinar called “The State of Supply Chain Solutions: 2017,” Vince Wicker, Research Director and co-head of the supply chain management practice, commented, “RELEX is using its in-memory computing model to provide responsive, shelf-level decision-making capabilities to fast-paced retail environments, including some of the largest grocers in the world.”

“Forecasting and replenishment of fresh food items has long been a blind spot that costs retailers billions of dollars a year in wastage,” said Wicker.

RELEX is helping food retailers worldwide seeking quick-to-implement solutions that control waste and drive top-line revenue. Founded in 2005, RELEX has quickly grown to over 175 customers across 20 countries and with a business-case focus on customer value creation, RELEX enjoys 100% customer referenceability. In 2015, RELEX acquired Galleria, expanding its addressable market and opening the door to “space-aware” retail supply chain planning.

“We’re very pleased to debut in MGI Research’s Core SCM market research with such a positive outlook,” said Michael Falck, president, RELEX Solutions. “Our approach to taking responsibility for customers achieving measurable results with our solutions is part of our commitment to superior customer satisfaction and is helping to fuel our momentum in the market.”

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