Musti Group Unifies Retail Planning Processes with RELEX Solutions

Apr 11, 2024 2 min

Musti extends their collaboration with RELEX Solutions to strengthen their end-to-end supply chain, aiming for enhanced scalability and operational efficiency.

Musti Group, a leading Nordic pet care specialist, is deepening their collaboration with RELEX Solutions, a provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions. Musti, a long-standing user of RELEX forecasting and replenishment capabilities, is now implementing RELEX space and assortment, workload forecasting, and capacity optimization capabilities to further enhance their retail planning and supply chain planning processes. 

Prior to adopting RELEX’s space and assortment capabilities, Musti utilized manual processes for space planning. Recognizing the necessity to develop localized assortments and allocate space effectively to enhance operational efficiency, they acknowledged the requirement for a unified solution. This solution integrates supply chain, space, and assortment planning seamlessly from end to end, facilitating a more precise and automated approach to their integrated business operations. 

Musti aims to achieve heightened operational efficiency by creating and distributing automated up-to-date planograms, facilitating efficient inventory management with direct-to-shelf deliveries. This streamlined approach reduces backroom stock while ensuring consistent product availability on the sales floor. The assortment planning feature ensures the right products are available in each store, based on customer demand and local preferences and enhancing sales. Furthermore, the solution automates the creation of shopper-centric, store-specific planograms, strategically optimizing product placement to enhance the shopping experience and drive increased sales.  
Additionally, Musti is improving operational efficiency at their central warehouse by using RELEX for capacity optimization and workload management. With capacity optimization, they can efficiently manage their supply chain, resulting in cost reduction and operational stability. Simultaneously, workload forecasting in warehouse optimizes resource planning, leading to higher employee satisfaction and increased efficiency. 

“RELEX enables us to enhance efficiency in our retail and supply chain planning processes, delivering significant advantages already. Their integrated solutions empower us to base decisions on data, ultimately enriching our customers’ shopping journeys. We foresee additional enhancements, including minimizing surplus inventory while simultaneously boosting availability and reducing waste, thereby advancing our sustainability efforts further,” said Pamela Nelimarkka, COO of Musti Group 

“With extended solution portfolio, Relex has even a more vital role in Musti Group’s enterprise architecture and will give us strong tools to make us more efficient, scalable and agile. We are also eager to continue the close co-operation with Relex team to maximize the ROI from the whole solution portfolio,” said Panu Hannula, CIO of Musti Group.  

“We are honored to support Musti in their pursuit of efficiency. We are also very thankful for Musti’s long term commitment to our unified solutions, and we eagerly anticipate further collaboration as they unlock additional benefits. Our commitment is to ensure our solutions evolve to meet their changing needs, and we look forward to contributing to their aim of an optimized, efficient supply chain,” said Mikko Kärkkäinen, CEO and co-founder of RELEX Solutions.