One Stop Stores Takes Next Step in Its Customer-Centric Strategy With Behavioral Clustering From RELEX Solutions

Sep 5, 2017 2 min

One Stop Stores, a leading UK convenience store retailer and subsidiary of Tesco, announced it has gone live with RELEX Solutions’ Behavioral Clustering solution as it further evolves its customer-centric strategy and drives efficiencies across its 850 stores.

RELEX’s Behavioral Clustering solution is helping One Stop Stores to understand localized variations in customer preferences within its products and product categories and build more accurate shopper profiles. By analyzing purchasing behavior at store cluster and individual store level, it can better align assortment and space to customer demand across its stores.

One Stop store

Mervin Nugent, Senior Space/Range and Systems Manager at One Stop Stores comments: “The customer sits firmly at the heart of everything we do and we feel we must provide local communities with the products they want. This latest phase in our journey, since selecting RELEX as a strategic partner in 2010, is helping us further hone our customer-centric strategy by enabling a granular approach to decision-making across the business.”

Implementing Behavioral Clustering will allow One Stop Stores to take its next strategic step in moving from manual to automated processes. Customer-driven cluster schemes overlaid with demographic and geographic information will enable the retailer to understand shopper behaviors and preferences for each cluster; identify store clusters with a high variation of localized assortment; and use the statistical outputs to determine future strategies for merchandising, assortment, pricing, marketing, as well as seasonal and promotional decision making.

“We have built a long standing and strong partnership with RELEX and have experienced great success from it,” continues Nugent. “Not only are we able to improve the in-store shopping experience and build customer loyalty, we’re also becoming more efficient and maximizing sales.”

Ian Duncan-Lewis, Managing Director UK, RELEX Solutions adds: “We’re really proud of what our collaborative partnership with One Stop Stores is achieving for its business. Behavioral clustering was a natural step to push further its customer-centric vision and drive maximum value for all of its stores.”

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