Panda Retail Selects RELEX to Provide an Integrated Supply Chain Solution

Jun 18, 2020 1 min

Panda Retail announced today that it has chosen RELEX Solutions to automate and optimize demand planning and replenishment processes in their stores and distribution centers. With approximately 200 grocery and hypermarket locations under the Panda and HyperPanda banners, the grocery chain is RELEX’s first customer in the Middle East, marking a strong entrance into the region with an important retailer.

Through this partnership, Panda will introduce end-to-end, integrated planning capabilities in their stores and distribution centers, ensuring DCs can better fulfill both planned stock movements and demand-based inventory needs. The RELEX solution will help Panda improve demand forecast, replenishment, and allocation accuracy, reducing spoilage rates while increasing availability and reducing out-of-stocks.  

“We trust RELEX and their solution because they’ve proven themselves as leaders in the field, especially in grocery,” said Panda CEO Dr. Bander Hamooh. “We held extensive conversations with their existing customers and were impressed by both the strong relationships they’ve built and the KPIs they’ve been able to achieve.”

“RELEX delivers results,” said Panda EVP of Supply Chain Abdullah Sabban. “We’re confident the solution will help us improve availability, reduce waste, and reduce the amount of inventory we keep on-hand.”

“We’re all incredibly excited to start this journey with Panda,” said RELEX Group CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen, “and are thrilled that Panda has chosen to take these steps with us. We’re honored that they trust us to deliver for them, and this is hopefully the first of many close working relationships we build in this region.”