RELEX Releases Latest Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Jan 11, 2017 2 min

Findings demonstrate its commitment to 100% customer referenceability.

The latest survey of RELEX customer attitudes shows the highest ever levels of satisfaction with RELEX’s integrated retail and supply chain planning solutions and its services. As part of its customer-centric approach, RELEX surveys its customers on an annual basis to measure their level of satisfaction.

Of those responding to the survey 97% rated RELEX as good or excellent and 89% agreed that working with RELEX is easier than with other software vendors.

Asked to identify the solution’s strengths, customers cited a wide variety of features; however, RELEX’s flexibility and the accuracy of its forecasting were recurring themes. “It is very flexible, in that you can use it however you need,” one respondent said. “You can easily check why order proposals turned out as they did and use diagnostics to analyze the proposals.”

RELEX’s project managers are more popular with customers than ever with 91% giving them the thumbs-up. The company’s support staff also won positive reactions from 86% of those who answered the survey.

Another enthusiastic user wrote: “Great system and great team support from the RELEX team. Their unique blend of understanding our business, technical ability and strong customer service provides a unique and refreshing opportunity to work together to improve the effectiveness of our supply chain.”

“RELEX’s success is founded on our customers’ success and their enthusiasm about what we do,” says Group CEO, Mikko Kärkkäinen. “We have won most of our new customers largely thanks to the recommendations of existing users. However, satisfied and successful customers are not only important for our long-standing success – it is also our ultimate goal.”

“Nevertheless I never allow myself to get carried away by results like these. On the one hand it’s a really gratifying vote of confidence, on the other I’d hate us to become in any way complacent. Expectations never stop rising and we can always do better.”